Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Timpanogos Half Marathon

I didn't think anything could top the race experience I had in June at the American Fork Half Marathon. That was a beautiful, fabulous race and everything was just perfect! I had even gotten a new PR and was so happy about the whole experience!  THEN...........along came this MORE than perfect race, the Timpanogos Half Marathon!!
I got to bed at a decent hour and got a pretty good night's sleep.  I was super careful about what I had eaten the day before and tried to not eat very much.  I drove myself to the bus pick-up because hubby had been to girl's camp the night before and was zonked out sound asleep.  In my marathon training schedule I needed 14 miles so I planned to run around for a mile at the starting line before the race started.  That plan worked out perfectly and I felt like it got my muscles warmed up and ready to go.  I was able to get potty stops taken care of and I was anxious to go.  The race started right on time and off we went.  The first 7 1/2 miles of this race were the exact same as the American Fork Half Marathon and so I knew what to expect and I just zoomed my fastest down that canyon.  My strategy this time was to just go, go, go!!
  I have been doing some downhill training already up to this point and felt like I just didn't want to hold back like I've read you should do in the beginning of a race.  I knew that the downhill portions are where I could really take advantage of gravity and just let myself go.  Once the course leveled out is where I knew I would slow down. Another strategy I used was that anytime somebody passed me I would speed up and try to maintain their pace for as long as I could and then I would ease off when I would get too winded.  Once the 7 1/2 miles were over with and we ran a little ways in a golf course then the trail turned and went a different way and this is where I didn't know what to expect.  IT WAS GORGEOUS! It was a neatly paved trail with so many trees and a lot of shade.  After we came out of that area we were in a very rural area with pastures and country roads.  The last aid station was fully stocked with gatorade, water and otter pops!! That was the perfect treat and at just the right time.  With about a mile left to go we ended up running right past the beautiful Mount Timpanogos temple and then on down the hill to the high school to the finish line. I had my garmin watch on and I knew I was going to be coming in around 2:10 but I was shocked and so surprised when I saw the clock read 2:07.  I poured on the speed and was grinning and so estactic with my time 2:07:51.  A NEW PR FOR ME!  

There was quite possibly a little bit of jumping up and down, squealing like a little girl, and a little bit of crying going on.
My friend Monnica and her husband Cory both had PR's as well!
Saying goodbye to my friend Julia who is moving away in a couple days. I will miss seeing her at all the local races and also running on the trails with her. 


Jen@runfortheboys said...

Oh my!!! 2:07 is AWESOME!!!!!! Congratulations on your PR and an awesome race!

Christy said...

Great job!! That's an awesome time!!

Unknown said...

That's awesome!! You are getting better and better!

Cory Reese said...


This is so awesome, I'm really happy for you. With every post you write I keep thinking how much you are going to love the marathon. Keep up the good work!

Jerilee E. said...

Such an amazing race- great job!!! Plus, that medal is awesome! Add another race onto my list of races to do!