Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 11 of 16

Week #11-These weeks are zipping by much too fast!
Monday August 13th-Ran 5 Miles
on the boring treadmill.  I had recorded the men's marathon and watched it this morning as I ran.  It's so inspiring to run while watching other people run.  So sad to watch 2 Americans drop from the race though.
I wanted to run on the treadmill only for the fact that I was a little nervous to head out somewhere and not be close to home.  After my 31 mile excursion only 2 days ago I wasn't sure what my body could handle.  Surprisingly, I wasn't any more sore than I usually feel after a half marathon.  I know it's because the trails are a softer place to land and my body loves that so much more than asphalt or pavement.  

Tuesday August 14th-Rest Day-Walked 3.5 Miles
Decided to take it a little bit easy today after my big weekend ultra run. 
Wednesday August 15th-Ran 9 Trail Miles
I was a little sleepy this morning and couldn't drag myself out of bed.  I rolled over and changed the alarm and got 2 additional hours of sleep. Ahhhh!  But then that meant running later in the day and in the heat.  After I finished up teaching all my morning piano lessons I decided to head back up into the Draper hills and put in my mileage up there.  It was a perfect run. (minus the heat)  I spent 2 1/2 hours up there loving nature and the dirt beneath my shoes.  I just wish it wasn't so far to get there or I would be here every single day.

  Thursday August 16th-Ran 5.50 Trail Miles
I stayed closer to home for these trail miles and got up early to meet with a friend.  Still feeling a little tired.  Definitely will be napping today.
Friday August 17th-Walked 4 Miles
with my buddy Laurie.

Saturday August 18th-Ran Porter's Half Marathon 17 Miles
I had 17 miles on the agenda today and so I went early to the race and ran 4 miles before the start and then the 13.  It was a great race and I will recap it soon.

Sunday August 19th- Day of Rest!

 Total Running Miles: 36 1/2
 Total Walking Miles: 7 1/2


Cory Reese said...

Wow, great job on your miles Susette! Your consistency will definitely pay off.

I'm jealous you got to go back to the Draper trails! I don't want to wait another year to do that race again.