Monday, August 30, 2010

Pebbles and the Geranium

Two reasons I love this photo.  The first being that Porter loved this cat more than anyone in the family.  He would hold her, kiss her, pet her, and treat her so kindly.  Recently, when I was away at girls camp in June, my husband turned Pebbles into an outside cat.  I was so sad when I arrived home and he gave me the news.  But after a couple of weeks of having her outside I realized it was very good thing.  I don't have to buy multi-packs of cat roller brushes, and our furniture isn't white anymore.

The second reason I love this photo is the geranium in the pot behind the cat was grown by Porter.  He nurtured it and raised it from a very tiny plant using hydroponics.  Porter worked a very part-time job for an elderly gentleman that loves experimenting with plants and seeds.  A couple of months ago, George, the man Porter worked for, was throwing out a lot of his experiments and I saw this plant in the garbage. (I work for George too, assembling science kits)  I knew Porter had been taking care of it and so I asked him if I could take it home and plant it.  George was more than thrilled to let me take it.  I was so happy after transplanting it and taking care of it, watching it flourish and thrive.  Porter would have been pleased too.