Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Super Swell Sunday Afternoon Visit

Sometimes my blog is not about running and this would be one of those times.  Although, because of this little visit at my parent's home this afternoon I now feel like I need to go run.  I'll explain.  My momma is a great cook and she had a feast fit for a king laid out!  I had only eaten lunch 2 hours earlier and so I didn't think I was hungry. do you pass up homemade food made with lovin' from your momma?

Earlier I had already gone to church and was just relaxing and hanging out at home when I decided I needed to get out of the house and go for a little drive.  I went to my parent's home for an absolutely wonderful visit filled with much family and fooooooood.  My cousin April was there from Southern Utah with her husband Brigham and their daughter, Stevie.  
We had an absolutely wonderful visit and talked about so many great things.  It was so fun to get to know her a little better and hear all about her family and their life in the St. George area.  Her and her husband are both truck drivers and so it was so fascinating to hear about life for them. 

We ate chicken, baked french fries, fruit salad with nuts and pecan chocolates.  That should have been enough right?  Well, then a little later we nibbled on dried apricots and English Toffee.  Like I said, a feast fit for a king right?
About an hour later my sister, Kareena, who lives here locally and my cousin Bill who lives with her stopped by to eat and visit.  My cute momma started over again with cooking and made more chicken and french fries, and some salad for them.  She even cooked up a new batch of English Toffee since we had finished off the other batch.  We did more visiting and laughing and catching up with life.  I loved just being there and enjoying them.
My cute daddy has certainly had his struggles with health and aging and so it was so great to be with him and see him doing so well.  He's a wonderful source of strength and resilience to me.  He has literally been through hell and back and I adore him for hanging tough.  He teaches me much through his sweet nature.  I love him so much!
3 hours later I headed on home, what? Where did the time go?
Do you ever feel like you can be with people that long and not even realize where the time has gone?  This certainly happened for me today and I loved it!
I sure love my family!!