Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reading of the Mission Call

(scroll down to the bottom of the blog and turn off the music to hear this video)

I thought it might be fun for you to watch Jordan and his reaction with opening his call. If you watch carefully you will notice his emotions are a little close to the surface a couple of times. Before opening his call he had said he thought he would bawl like a baby. He did a good job reading it though. It was so extremely fun to have Kali and Wade, who are in Boston, on the web cam sitting in Jordan's lap while he read his call. Before he read the call I took the laptop all around the room and Kali said hi to everyone. She was so excited to see so many people and get to visit for a few moments. I just love technology. It amazes me continually. After Jordan read the call we continued enjoying our visits with so many friends and family while eating creamsicles. Of course ahead of time I had asked for everyone's guesses as to where Jordan was going. We had 50 guesses on a paper, (which will be eventually going into his mission scrapbook)and there were many double, triple and even quadruple guesses of where he would go. It was actually this cute little friend of mine, Annaleesa, who was THE ONLY PERSON to say Australia that won the prize, a box of DOTS candy because she was the closest, "On the Dot". Three people said Canada which Aunt Monica and Shawn Price figured out on the globe to be the furthest away from Australia and so they got to share a CRUNCH bar because they "Crunched their Answer". Kind of corny, I know. I think my dad ended up with the candy bar though. The other two people decided to let him have it.

We just enjoyed our evening so much and wished our son Cooper could have been here. He is doing so wonderfully though out in Pennsylvania on his mission, and we are very proud of his great example to his younger brothers. Enjoy some more photos of the friends and family and thanks to so many for your love and desire of sharing in this perfect day.