Monday, August 20, 2012

Life Before Running?

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me, "Do you ever wonder what life was like before running?"  I was stumped for a few moments......Then as I continued to think about this question and still keep thinking about it I decided to write some feelings down.

I have always been one to exercise.  I think it was instilled into me as a very small girl when I used to watch my mom do exercises with Jack La Lane on black and white T.V.  Yes, I'm old enough to vaguely remember black and white television.  Then I also remember her going outside to jog up and down our street.  We lived on a small street in Henderson, Nevada that only had four houses on it.  She would go up and down that street about 20 times and then come back in.  I would sit at the window and watch her go back and forth in the mornings before school started.  When I got older my favorite classes were PE and drill team and aerobics.  Yep, I had 3 exercise classes at one time in my senior year of high school.  When I got married and started having children I would go on power walks with my mama.  I would put the kids in the stroller and off we would go.  She was hard to keep up with but I loved being out there getting it done.  After the kids got a little older I started teaching aerobics at the church for a few ladies, and did so for almost 10 years.  We had a great friendship and all shared the same desire to just be healthy.  We danced  and worked out to many country songs and a few pop/rock songs.  Now today I can't hardly stomach country music.  I'll hear a song on the radio and immediately remember the routine we danced to and quickly have to change the station.  Yes, country music is not much listened to anymore right now.   But those were some great days and fond memories for me.

Most recently, (well at least for the last ? years, could be 8, 9, 10?) I have had the most stalwart friend and confidant to walk with.  My good buddy, Laurie.  Sometimes we walk twice a week, other times we are out there 5 times a weeks.  She has been the greatest companion to support me in my crazy adventures and to listen to all my highs and lows of life.  These are years I will always treasure and hope to continue to experience many years down the road. 

A couple years ago my sweet daughter asked me to run a half marathon with her and I was shocked, and surprised and speechless for a few moments.  Then my wheels started turning and I decided to start running.  I blame this new addiction on Kali.   It really has become an addiction.  I look for new races all the time and can't wait for the next race to come up.  I have loved making new running friends and reading running blogs, which provide a lot of inspiration, and have really loved discovering the joy and peace in running in the hills and on the trails in this beautiful state of Utah.

So, yes there was life before running.  I am still a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, teacher, aunt, niece, sister, cousin, friend etc.  and there are many roles associated with each of those titles.  Finding the balance in each of those is tricky, but definitely running has helped me be happier and more excited about my life and in tune with my health and energy.  I still miss Porter like CRAZY and ache to see him and hold him again.  When I have had dreams of seeing him and hugging him there is no description of those feelings.  It's like the ultimate feelings of joy and happiness.  Waking up from those dreams are no fun.  Running has given me the opportunity to just be out there with my thoughts of him and imagine him being by my side as I turn my legs over and pound the pavement. I imagine him gliding effortlessly next to me.  Someday me and Porter will get to run a real race together.  I'm sure he will win but we will be there together!


Heatherlyn said...

You really have such beautiful and well-written posts. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am sure that they strengthen and inspire others.

Kirsten said...

I just saw on Fast Cory's site that you ran a 50 miler. That is insane! I guess you almost did that on your birthday, so maybe not. Very proud of you. Not something I think i'll ever attempt. The summer was so crazy, sorry I never got to say good bye, but now I can keep track of you on your blog. hopefully we'll see you at some races, though not a 50!

Julia said...

such a beautifully written post! when i saw your comment earlier you definitely made me stop and think as well. this is a good question for me to ponder:) i know i had several exciting things in my life before (and still now) running...but i must admit that running brings out so many qualities including dedication, commitment, love for life, strength and confidence that I just love:)

alpinekleins said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiring words, I'm always amazed that runners were just ordinary people before they became runners, I always think they must have super powers or something :) Congratulations on all your success - and this last race, so well run for Porter!