Saturday, January 1, 2011


I don't have much to say other than I think that 1-1-11 looks pretty nice so I wanted to be able to post those numbers.  Oh...and I do need to admit that I went ahead and signed up for the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June, 2011.  I'm scared, excited, crazy, and sore, (cuz I've been trying to run already).  This really is going to be one of the most challenging things I will be attempting this year.  I'm already super frustrated.  I go to the gym and see so many people running on the treadmills like it was no big deal.  They run fast! They run far! They have behinds the size of a toothpick!  Then there's me.  Enough said.  I'll just keep plugging away though and watch for my own small progressions and see what happens.  I may or may not post results.  I'm not sure yet.  I also signed up for another little contest that Heather over at a agoddessinprogress1 is hosting.  If you want to play along too there's still time to join.  It's a good one that will get me on track physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I love contests and I'm such a competitive person so I'm looking forward to participating in that.  January is just a good time of year to get on track right?  
Happy New Year Friends!