Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Thoughts Happening Here

☼Does anybody else relate?  I would have to say my mom is a lot like this too. She isn't sitting idly by as she's aging but is always on the go with activities to keep her young.  I want to be like that too.  I always feel like there's another adventure out there to enjoy, another mountain to climb, another trail to run on, another running friend to make. 

☼This marathon training has really bumped my mileage up for the month of August.  It's my highest yet at 175 3/4. I should just go run a quarter mile around the block to bump that up to 176 but I'm tired.  We'll see what September brings with my very first marathon just 3 weeks away.  So far I'm not feeling any anxiety or nervousness about it but just excited to finally get to say I'm a marathoner.  BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON MARATHON-SEPTEMBER 22ND, It' coming!!

☼Tomorrow on the schedule is my longest run of 20 miles.  I'll be running the Bear Lake Half Marathon in the hills and so will be planning a 7 mile run before the race starts.  Having races to run has definitely helped me feel like my long runs aren't so challenging to get done.

☼I guess I'm serious about continuing this running journey.  I've already signed up for 2 races in 2013.  I'm sure there will be more to follow.  I foresee some ultra's down the road as well.  They are pretty fun. (Did I just really say that?)

Happy Friday!!!


wendy said...

running has definetly got in your blood.
I agree about that aging thing, STAY ACTIVE in mind and body and throw some silliness in there for good measure.