Sunday, September 23, 2012

My First Marathon-Big Cottonwood Canyon

I just want to start this post out with saying that MARATHONS are TOUGH!  I prepared the best I could and followed that training plan to a T but I've always questioned why in the training schedule there is never a length further than 20 miles.  Those final 6.2 miles are challenging.  I think I remember reading it's because they want to get you to the starting line healthy and too many miles can be harder to recover from and you are risking injury by trying to tackle those extra miles.  OK, I get that, but at the 20 mile mark I was ready to be done.  But who starts a marathon and quits at mile 20 only because they are tired?  I surely wasn't going to.

I got about 4 hours sleep the night before and got to the parking area and bus loading area without any glitches at all this time.  I actually remembered my bib too.  I had picked up my friend Josh's bib for him the day before and he knew my story of forgetting my bib at the Top of Utah Half Marathon and so he texted me to remind me to bring it. Good idea.  I met Josh and Angela and we rode up in the bus together and hung out at the starting line until the race started.  Our bus was the very first to arrive so we got first access to the port-a-potties!  A fresh clean port-a-potty, awesome!

It was still pitch black when we arrived about 5:30 am.  They handed out mylar space blankets which were very helpful in keeping us warm.  The sky was so beautiful and the stars were so clear,  certainly a sight you can't see in the valley at home.  I wanted to warm up a little bit and walked around the huge Brighton Ski Resort parking lot and once race time got close I put my stuff in the drop bag and put it in the truck.  I got my music ready and we were off.  It was still a little bit dark at 6:30 am when it started but didn't take more than about 15 minutes to finally be able to see well.  This was an inaugural race for Big Cottonwood Canyon and they really did do a fabulous job. 

I really don't have a mile by mile report to share.  I knew that the elevation drop in the first 14 miles was about 4000 feet and I was super excited about that.  I love me a downhill run.  The canyon was absolutely stunning and vibrant with so many colors!  When the sun started coming up that just added to the beauty.  About mile 6 or 7 I saw a moose on the side of the road just off a little bit in the bushes.  Good thing he was busy looking for food.  He didn't seem at all like he cared about runners coming down the road.  Around mile 8 or 9 I had my ipod on shuffle and on came Christmas music. I didn't realize I had Christmas music mixed into this particular list.  Jingle Bell Rock by Amy Grant is what came on.  It's a peppy little song and was the perfect beat for the pace I was running at the moment and so I had to repeat that song about 4 times to get my fill.  Hey, it was cold in the canyon and Christmas music just helped remind me that that holidays are not too far down the road.  It was actually a fun little distraction to think about the holidays.

When I got to mile 13 I checked my watch and was running about a 10:00 minute pace.  I did the first half of this marathon in 2 hours and 11 minutes.  I was hoping for a bit less than that but was feeling alright with it. I know I was running as fast as I could comfortably, if that makes sense.  When we finally reached the bottom of the canyon a mile later there was a fork in the road.  Half marathoners turned left and headed South and the full marathoners turned right and headed North. (The half marathon started 3 miles down the canyon from the full) I was only tempted for a tiny moment, well not really, but I would love to come back next year and do the half.

At mile 15 we started climbing and it just seemed to gradually keep climbing.  I didn't remember seeing that on the elevation chart.  Hmmmm.......I kept looking at my watch and trying to stay within the 10 minute mile range but the sun was really shining now and I am definitely a slow uphill runner.  My pace just kept gradually slowing and I was tired.  I was fueling well though and remembered to take GU's and chomps.  I drank powerade and water at every station plus had my fuel belt on.  I also had a bag of peanut butter pretzels with me that I nibbled on throughout the race.  There were oranges at a couple of the later aid stations that was such a delightful treat at the right time!

Somewhere around mile 16 I stopped for a pit stop and somehow my Garmin got bumped without me being aware. It was now paused.  When I finally realized it I was off about .55 of a mile.  Grrrr.....That was so frustrating to me but I thought not too big of a deal because every single mile was marked on the course so well.  Now this is where it gets a little tricky.  

My goal for this race was to come in under 5 hours.  I've been told to not make a goal for a first marathon but I couldn't NOT make a goal, especially with the first 14 miles being all downhill.  I figured the next 12 after that shouldn't be so bad.  Wrong-O.  So, now with my watch being off a little over half a mile I just paid attention to the mile markers on the road but forgot to take into account the time difference that my watch was off as well. DUH...  Every time I looked at my watch I would calculate how much time I had left to get to the finish line in under 5 hours and what mileage was left.  It was all working out so perfectly, or so I thought, and I just knew I was going to make it with possibly a few minutes to spare.   

My cute friend Laurie whom I've walked with for ages called me and we chatted for a little bit when I was almost to mile 22.  She said she was there at the finish line with all my family just chatting and having a good time.  I told her I should be there in less than an hour.  A couple miles later I was wondering what time it was and changed the screen on my watch to discover that it was 11:11 am. and not 10:something like the other screen said.  I had only 19 minutes to run 2.6 miles if I was going to make it by 11:30 am, which would have been my 5 hour goal.  It all of a sudden hit me that I had forgotten about the time difference of when my watch had paused. 

The realization of my mistake smacked me hard at mile 24 and I just knew with how tired I was and how warm it was that there was just no way I was going to be able to do this.  I started crying with how disappointed I was and was so frustrated at such a stupid mistake I had made.  After a few minutes of my stupid little pity party I just decided to see what I could accomplish and tried to push a little more.  I think about mile 26 was when I saw Laurie, all smiles and cheering, just the boost I needed, waiting to help me finish.
I told her about my miscalculation and started tearing up again, and she helped me get past my downer thinking and to realize what I was doing, the big picture of running a marathon! After climbing another short hill and around a couple corners there was the big black and white inflated finish line.
  The announcer welcomed me in and said my name and where I was from.  I attempted a little jump and got my medal and hugged my grandson, the best prize ever!
Final time was 5:06:38

I'm not sure if I would have run this much differently had I not made a mistake of hitting the pause button accidentally at some point. I felt like I gave it everything I had in me today.  I will focus now on the positive and just be happy that I can say "I am a marathoner."

The after race treats are always a favorite but I guess I had to be faster to get the good ones.  Jimmy Johns' apparently was there with sandwiches but they were all gone.  I just really wanted chocolate milk but they didn't provide that.  I got water, a bite of banana, and a raspberry oatmeal bar, boring!

 There were oranges and some weird Achiva stuff as well but none of it was sounding very good at the time.  I visited my cute family and Laurie some more and watched for my official time to come up on the computer.

  I picked up my drop bag and headed to the car and then on to home.  I got my ice bath and then a nice hot shower and then the family all went to lunch.  Fish tacos from Rubios hit the spot perfectly for me!

This really was a great day and I am so happy to have been able to experience a full marathon.  I'm not sure I ever want to do another road marathon again.  I just really, really love half marathons.  I also really, really love trail running and as of right now would like to pursue more of that.  Next race is in a couple weeks,
The Wild Bunch 50K.  I am definitely looking forward to some soft dirt under my feet for 31 miles.

The race people hired Zazoosh to do photography on the course and will be providing those free of charge to the runners.  I really was a goof while running and may post a few of those when they come out.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 16 of 16

IT'S HERE! The final week of marathon training.  Back a few months ago when I so apprehensively pushed that submit button to sign up for this, my first marathon, it seemed so far down the road.  And back then it was, but wow!, the time has come and now here I sit only one day away.
I'm very excited but I still don't feel nervous yet.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.  My restless running dreams that I have been having have turned from me encountering wild animals on the trails coming after me, to now me being the one chasing them away.  Only a couple days ago I awoke to shooing away an elephant and a lion, and they obeyed!  Maybe that means I am ready to conquer this thing. 

Week #16

Monday September 17th-Ran 3 Miles 
This was a very uneventful run.  I just headed out in the neighborhood after a little bit of sleeping in and got it done.  I ran slow and just enjoyed my music and being outside.
Tuesday September 18th-Rest Day Walked 4.75 Miles
with Laurie.
Wednesday September 19th-Ran 3 Miles
just like the schedule told me to.  I can be obedient when I want to. Today was my last day of running until the marathon and It just feels so weird to be feeling like I'm hardly doing any exercise this week.

Thursday September 20th-Biked at the gym 12.50 Miles in 1 hour. (yes I strayed a little from the schedule-oops)
I have a problem with reading my newspapers.  They get brought in to the house, opened up,and then set in a pile.  Today I decided it was time to tackle getting them read and so I headed to the gym to read and bike.  I put a nice big dent in the pile, and made a nice lovely mess on the gym floor, and still didn't get them all read.  I brought the rest home and put them back in the pile.  I only have about a weeks worth left here to catch up on.

Friday September 21st-Rest Day Walked 3.50 Miles
with Laurie.

Saturday September 22nd-Big Cottonwood Marathon
My First Marathon-Stay Tuned! 

Sunday September 23rd-You can better believe I will be resting this day! 

Total Miles Run:  32.25 (after the marathon of course)
Total Miles Walked:  8.25
Total Miles Biked:  12.50

Whatever will I do without a training schedule now?  I am one that needs schedules.  I better come up with another plan pronto!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Marathon Training-Week 15 of 16

I just can't believe how close it's getting to the real deal!! MY FIRST MARATHON!!  I'm feeling good mentally and physically and ready for the marathon challenge.  Even though I ran an ultra race, my first 50K, back at the beginning of August I still don't feel like I can say I am a marathoner yet.  It just seems like two different titles to me.  So I am looking very forward to September 22nd and my first marathon!
Week #15
Monday September 10th-Ran 5 miles and walked 4 miles 
I just am not quite sure what I was thinking this morning.  I am supposed to be in taper mode.  I ran a new PR at my half marathon on Saturday, which was all down hill, and my body was still pretty sore this morning so I thought I would head up to the hills and run on the trails just up the road from me.  Well, I knew exactly once I got up there a certain out-and-back route was 3 miles.  So I thought I would walk to get there, run the mileage and then walk home.  Well, I walked up there but ended up running the out-and-back and all the way home.  So much for being sore, and tapering.  I probably should be a little more obedient to the training schedule.   
Tuesday September 11th-Rest Day Walked 3.50 Miles
with Laurie.  I was lacking a little bit of pep in my step today and couldn't seem to keep up with Laurie this morning.  After a couple miles I finally had to confess I was struggling and she slowed down for me. I know my body is still trying to recover from Saturday's all downhill race.

Wednesday September 12th-Ran 5 Trail Miles
When you toss and turn and have restless running dreams you should probably change your running plans for the morning, which I did. My good friend Laurie, who so faithfully walks with me on Tuesdays and Fridays, was so kind to change her morning plans and head out with me today on a Wednesday.  She is NOT a runner and vows she will never be but she accompanied me nicely on the trails today.  I ran and she power walked.  She occasionally ran and I was so proud of her! Thanks so much Laurie for your companionship today.
Getting some pepper spray is still in my thoughts and maybe my restless running dreams means it's time to get some pronto!
  Thursday September 13th-Walked 4 Miles
with Laurie.  I know I don't usually see Laurie two days in a row for exercise.  The plan was to go hiking on Friday and run some trails so I needed to switch the schedule up a little bit. 

Friday September 14th-Ran 3.25 Miles
I didn't meet up with the RA group and go hiking this morning so I headed out on the roads to get my mileage in.  It's kind of nice to be able to run a couple errands while doing so and save a little gas in the process. I have to confess that this tapering feels a little scary.  I know it's a tried and true training schedule I am following so I just have to trust the experts.  There really is a lot of power in a piece of paper telling me what to do.  Now if someone would just make a diet plan and tell me what to do I would love you forever.

Saturday September 15th-Ran 8.25 Miles

in Draper Canyon with some friends from the RA (runner's anonymous) group.  We had a blast up there in the hills and had to take a few detours since there was a huge bike race going on at the same time.  It was a bit crazy playing dodge from the bikes as they came flying down different stretches of the trail.  It all worked out fine in the end but there were a few scary moments here and there.  This was my final longest run until the marathon next Saturday.  It will feel very weird to me to follow the final 16th week of training with such low mileage on the agenda.  I will try very hard to be obedient!
Me, Elise, Kevin, Joshua, Angela

  Sunday September 16th-Day of Rest!!
Total Running Miles:  21.50
 Total Walking Miles:  11.50

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Mount Nebo Half Marathon-My First Sub 2

I have been looking forward to this half marathon for a little while. In fact I heard about it last year from a friend who trains at the gym. I was fairly new at running still last year and I was a little bit intrigued by their experience running down Payson Canyon. I remember thinking last year how this sounded like something I would probably be signing up for.

I got up super early, 4:15 am and got ready with the usual things a runner does before a race.  I headed down to Payson allowing plenty of time to get on the bus.  The ride up the canyon seemed extremely long.  I think the bus wasn't going any faster than about 10 to 15 mph.  The road was steep and winding.  We arrived at the starting line and stood by large heaters to keep warm.  Only after standing there a few minutes somebody asked what time it was and I was shocked to learn the race was starting in 20 minutes.  So a final pit stop and a quick photo with my friend Monnica and I was ready to go.

This little lady is so fun to hang around.  She's spunky and cheerful and is fast.  Sure wish I could keep up with her.  I quit trying long ago.  But she was awfully sweet to run the entire Salt Lake City Half Marathon with me earlier this year.
Looking at the starting line after putting my jacket in the drop bag and getting my bib pinned on. I also chatted a few minutes with the 2:20 pacer, Angie, whom I told I hope to not ever see her in the race.  Of course she knew what I meant.  This course is fast and I was planning to at least match my previous PR of 2:07 back at the Timpanogos Half Marathon.  This elevation drop was 4000 feet and Timps' was less than that so I was thinking this was a very do-able goal. The race started right on time and we were off.  I was running somewhere with the 2:10 pacer and eventually worked my way up to the 2:05 pacer.  The course was fast and I was LOVING it!  Further down the road I would occasionally see the 2:00 pacer and was trying my darndest to catch her.  Finally at mile 5 at an aid station she stopped and I didn't.  I had my fuel belt on and so I was able to keep going.  From that point on my whole goal was to not let that 2 hour pacer pass me.  I looked back only once and saw her just a little ways back from me.  I found some good peppy music on the ipod and just kept running my little heart out.
The mountains were beautiful with so many vibrant fall colors.  The sunrise was awesome too.  At times there was a little river along the winding mountain road and the morning was absolutely cool, refreshing, and thrilling.  I was having a blast!  As we came out of the canyon to the bottom of the road the course made a quick left turn and followed a road for only a short 1/2 mile and there was the finish line.  I looked at my watch and was soooooo excited to see my garmin not even at 2 hours yet.  I made a final kick to make sure I came in under 2 hours.  I came in with a final 1:57:49!!  I never dreamed this was something I was capable of.  I realize a downhill course makes a huge difference and I will probably never be able to do this again but for now I am estatic and I'll take it and keep it!!  This is one race I will never forget, such great, happy memories!
Sitting on the lawn enjoying a chocolate creamie and stretching some soreness out of my legs.
These medals are huge and beefy.  I really need to find a spot to put my medals besides being all wadded up in a mangled mess in the drawer. 
I thought this shirt was a little odd with a backwards E on it.  It took my good friend Laurie and her daughters to figure out what it says.  Can you tell?  If not look what the lighter colored lettering spells. Pretty genius huh?  I don't usually wear my race shirts unless I am out exercising but you can believe I wore this with pride the day I got my sub 2 half marathon!! I should just stop running half marathons now that I'm ahead........................Nah!!!!!! I'm not done having a good time at this yet.  Will it ever get old?? I hope not.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 14 of 16

Week #14
Monday September 3rd Happy Labor Day!-Ran 6.50 Miles + Ran 2.75 and Walked 3.25 on a separate excursion. Total Miles Ran 9.25 Miles/Total Walked 3.25
I started out my morning run in Corner Canyon on the Draper Trails.  Cory and his brother Kenny were in town so I ran with them.  Always a delight to run with other people. We got in 6.50 miles.  I just didn't quite get my fill of being out there in the hills so after I got home and had a bowl of oatmeal and peaches with cinnamon and honey I headed out again.  This time I traveled to Provo Canyon and ran the Big Springs Trail.  With it being Labor Day there were a lot of people out and about and I felt totally safe.  I hiked good and strong for 2.75 miles with quite a steep ascent with not much desire for running uphill for that far and then turned around and ran back, then walked an additional .50 mile for a total of 6.00 miles in Provo Canyon. 
Tuesday September 4th-Rest Day Walked 4.25 Miles
with stalwart Laurie.

Wednesday September 5th-Ran 8 Miles
This was a challenge for me today.  I slept in and kept procrastinating getting out the door.  I wasn't planning to head to any trails where I love to be and was mentally just trying to gear up for a road run.  As a last minute thought I texted a new running friend that just lives up the street from me and she was more than happy to head out with me, even though she had already run 3 1/2 miles earlier this morning.   We met up and ran a few miles together and then I ran her home and then finished up 3 more miles on my own.  I was so grateful for her this morning. Thanks a billion Jeanne!! You saved my run today!!
  Thursday September 6th-Ran 9.25 Miles in Draper Trails.  
I started out with Elise from my Runner's Anonymous group and got in almost 3 miles and then she had to get home so I drove to a different trailhead and did some exploring of other trails in the area I hadn't been on yet.  It was so fun to see where some of the side trails led to and how everything is connected all over that mountain.  I saw a porcupine waddling down the trail which was pretty funny looking.  I kept my distance though.  I also saw a couple of deer and a chipmunk. I think I pretty much have these trails figured out now and shouldn't get lost anymore.  (not that I really did but I have been confused up there at times)  It also helps to carry a map in my pocket.

Friday September 7th-Rest Day Walked 4.25 Miles
I really look forward to my Tuesday and Friday walks with Laurie.  My body just really needs that break from running and I enjoy the good hour we have together to just visit while we get it done. 

Saturday September 8th-Ran the Mount Nebo Half Marathon-13 Miles
I was so happy to get to go to a race and NOT have to add on more mileage either before or after the race.  I'm in taper mode and so running this half marathon meant I actually got more miles than needed today!  Wahoo!  It was a beautiful downhill course and I got a brand new PR!  1:57:49. So happy this morning! Race recap coming soon:)

  Sunday September 9th-Day of Rest!!
Total Running Miles: 39.50
 Total Walking Miles:  11.75

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bear Lake Monster Half Marathon Trail Race

Could this possibly be the the Bear Lake Monster? If it is then he's in pretty rough shape.
Oh what a race this was!  I wasn't even signed up to do this one until about 2 weeks ago.  I had fretted and worried about not having a race to run this weekend since it was to be my longest run of 20 miles for the marathon training and I just knew I didn't want to head outside and do 20 miles all on my own.  When this race showed up on Facebook advertising a last minute half price entrance I immediately jumped all over it.  I am one to not pass up a good deal.  (never mind the fact that I had to drive 3 hours away to get to it.)  In fact, after it was all said and done I thought to myself  "You drove over 200 miles away just to run 20 miles, what were you thinking?"  Oh, that's right, I tend to not do that sometimes.  I'm all about the adventure!

My son-in-law Wade and my grandson Miles came on this adventure with me.  My daughter had to work and so she didn't go with us.  We got to the Logan area on Friday night and Wade's parents were so kind to let me stay at their place.   It's so funny to hear my little grandson call us all "PaPa"  He hasn't quite learned how to say grandma yet so basically he has 4 "PaPas".  What a funny little guy.
Scott, Wade, Miles, and Kristy 
After some visiting and getting unpacked I headed to bed and set the alarm for 4:45 am.  Bear Lake was an hour away and I was planning to run my 7 miles before the half marathon which started at 8:30 am.  Well, as I laid there I heard the rain pounding and the wind blowing and tossed and turned all night.  I would wake up every hour to look at the clock and it had only moved about an hour.  It was a disasterous night's sleep.  I got up and got ready and headed off to Bear Lake.  The weather had eased only a little bit but the sky was still pretty gloomy looking.  As I drove into the canyon it still continued to pour down rain. I got up to Bear Lake at exactly 6:30 am and checked in and got my race bib and packet.  The rain just wouldn't stop and so I ran back to my car and waited and waited. My friend Jody was up here camping and called me and asked me if I wanted to come lay down in their trailer.  I decided to just go ahead and try to sleep in my car and then I could listen if the rain would stop.  Finally about 8:00 am the rains stopped and the skies started clearing and things were looking up. Unfortunately, I didn't get any miles in before the race.  Ugh....that meant doing all of them after.
This is where packet pick up and the start and finish line were held.  Precisely at 8:30 am the half marathon people were sent off.  I think there were around 50 half marathoners, so it was a pretty small race.  There was also a 5K and 10K which started a little bit later. 
Jody and her hubby were at the KOA campground just 1/2 mile down the road and happened to see a bunch of runners going by.  They came out and found me and snapped this photo.  I ran over to her and tossed her my jacket.  I was so glad I didn't have to run the distance with that thing weighing me down. 
The roads were perfect after all the rain.  Not too dusty and not too muddy.  The weather was cool to start but would heat up later in the day.
A view of Bear Lake about 1/2 way up the mountain.
Direction signs are always helpful in a race.  You sure couldn't miss these!
I was a little bit afraid of running into wildlife but this was the only moose I saw on my run.
This race was just so nice for the fact that I was on dirt and I wasn't in any big hurry to try for a PR.  I know that trail races are just slower for me so I was just enjoying the scenery and the fresh morning smells.  The long gradual climb to the top though was pretty tough.  A little over 1000 foot gain in 6 miles.  Coming back down though was pretty sweet.  That's where I really have a good time.  Around mile 11 I look up to find 2 people running towards me.  I wondered who had gotten lost or who was just out for a stroll in nature.  Well look who found me??
My cute friends Jody and Doran.  They decided I needed some company and I'm so glad they did.  It's so much fun to run with other people who understand my craziness.  They continued running with me all the way to the finish line.
This fun gal is Lori and I met her for the first time last week at the Top of Utah half marathon.  We belong to a Facebook group called Runner's Anonymous and it was such a pleasant surprise to get to the first and last aid station and see her there volunteering.  Races certainly couldn't be done without their help! This photo was taken with only a little over a mile left to run in the race.
Coming on in to the finish line area
Checking the clock and being pretty content with that time for a trail run. Yes, I'm holding my bib because I never got it pinned on me in time.  I had it stashed in my pocket until I got to the finish line.
Ya, I was a little worn out physically but I think even more so mentally with the challenge I knew that still lay in front of me. 
A quick smile and showing my medal before getting ready to head down the road.  This time I would stay out of the hills and just run on a beautiful paved biking and running path around Bear Lake. I planned to just go out 3 1/2 miles and then turn around and come back.  I ran back to the KOA with my friends and said good-bye to them and then set off to get it done.
Breaking it in half like that helped me mentally but I'm telling you what, those 3 1/2 miles seemed to take forever to get done before I could turn around.  Well, once again when least expected I see somebody coming towards me after I had reached my halfway turn around spot around mile 4.  It was good ol' Doran.  He decided he didn't want to sit around on his duff all day and he wanted to keep running.  So there he was to keep me company on the last 3 or so miles.  That was a huge boost to keep me going.  Thanks Doran!!
When I got back to the finish line area where my car was parked the race people were just about cleaned up and ready to leave.  They were just a tad bit surprised to see me and wondered what I was doing so I explained.  The race director decided I needed a treat and gave me this coupon for a free raspberry shake.  You can better believe I would be enjoying that a little later!
My 2 fingers is supposed to stand for 20 miles.  I think I'm rockin a pretty sweet hairdo as well!
My total time for the half marathon and additional 7 miles was 4:43:55.  Wow, not a great time at all but I got it done.  I know I forgot to turn off the watch as I was visiting at the end of the race and getting stocked up to head out again.  But, we'll just see what happens on September 22nd.

Now it seems like this should be the end of this adventure but it doesn't stop here.  I decided to head down to the lake and go sit in the water for a little muscle recovery.  The guy at the state park entrance let me go in for free since I wasn't going to be hanging out here all day playing.  That was super nice of him.
I took off my shoes and socks and climbed in ever so carefully.  The water was a little cool and took my breath away.

The water was murky and a little disgusting but I was just grateful to be in some cold water after cooking in the sun.  Well, until I felt something squiggly tickle the underside of my leg.  I let out a big scream and didn't look to see if anyone heard me.  They probably already were wondering what some lady was doing just plopped down in the water all by herself.
I thought this was a pretty precious sight.  What a brave little dude on that board. He didn't look to be more than 18 months old.
Well it was time to say good-bye for reals this time to Jody and Doran and so I stopped by the KOA to do so and told them I was heading over to get my free shake and invited them to come along.  I was also pretty hungry from running all day and not eating anything but junky race treats, ie chocolates, licorice.  So I ate my super delicious shake and got a grilled chicken sandwich to eat in the car.  A big storm was brewing again and I was cold from sitting in the lake, so I decided to eat in my car with the heater blasting!
Jody sneaked a picture with my camera while I was slurping up my shake.  See what you get for doing that Jody?  It gets posted for the world to see :) Besides, it's a cute picture.
Good-bye Bear Lake.  Thanks for the memories.  I may be back next year.
I got back to Wade's parents house and took another bath.  I wasn't planning to take an ice bath but Wade and his mom had gotten a 20 lb bag of ice at the store for me and I couldn't NOT take a bath and not use it. I didn't want a perfectly good bag of ice to go to waste. Whoa!  This ice bath was by far the absolute coldest I have ever taken.  20 pounds of ice does not melt very fast.  After that I enjoyed a hot shower and then dressed and blow dried my hair.  At last I was warm!  We said our good-byes to Wade's parents and headed South towards home.
I was so tired and decided to just let Wade drive and so I tried to sleep but this little cutie kept saying "Wake up PaPa" so sleep was not going to be happening on this road trip home.  We stopped off at a yummy little place called Chipotle Mexican Grill before we got to Salt Lake and had a delicious meal.  By the time we got home sometime after 8:30 pm I was pretty tuckered out and ready for bed. What a long adventurous and fun day!