Saturday, August 25, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 12 of 16

Week #12

Monday August 20th-Ran 7.50 Miles
Ran 5.50 miles to the gym then did arms and abs workout there, then ran 2 miles to get home.  Now that school is started my morning schedule will be more open and so I am looking forward to being able to spend some more time at the gym to get some core work done. 
Tuesday August 21st-Rest Day-Walked 5 Miles
with my buddy Laurie.

Wednesday August 22nd-Ran 8 Miles
My running friend Monnica who lives in my city and runs a lot of half marathons added me to a Facebook group called Runner's Anonymous.  Well, they organized a run for Wednesday mornings and so I thought I would join them today since they were planning to do the exact amount of mileage I needed.  I can say that waking up at 4:15 am is not something I plan to do very often.  The run was nice and cool but challenging.  We ran/power walked for 4 miles up a hill (Traverse Mountain Road) with an 8% grade and then at the top was a cute little park where we made a pit stop and caught our breath.  Then we turned around and ran down the hill.  You can bet that after this big adventure I came home and climbed right back in bed for a sweet little 2 hour nap.  
  Thursday August 23rd-70 Minutes on the stair stepper and then did an abs and arms work-out. Later in the evening-6 Mile Trail Run  
 I was feeling just a little off today (maybe it had something to do with waking up in the 4 am hour yesterday morning) and so I decided to just go to the gym and skip my scheduled 5 mile run.  As the day wore on I was feeling a little guilty about skipping my run.  There is a lot of power in a little piece of paper telling me what is required for my marathon training.  So, I didn't give in and I decided to do an evening workout and headed to the hills in Draper for a 6 mile run.  A new Facebook friend of mine, Angela, wants to run an ultra and wanted to run on the trails too so she went with me.  It was fun to meet up in real life.  Actually, we met briefly once before at my friend Josh's pink donut half marathon.  We were cutting it just a little too close in getting back down the mountain before we were in total darkness.  These Summer nights are definitely getter shorter.

Friday August 24th-Walked 3.50 Miles
with my buddy Laurie

Saturday August 25th-Ran Top Of Utah Half Marathon
and an additional 5.50 miles for a total of 18.50 miles.  Race recap coming.

Sunday August 26th- Day of Rest!

 Total Running Miles: 40
 Total Walking Miles: 8.50
Other:  70 Minutes stairstepper


Cory Reese said...

I've been doing a bunch of those 4am runs lately to get in miles before work. Waking up that early is definitely worse than running the miles.

Great job on your training! I admire your dedication to getting the miles in.

Julia said...

you had an absolutely dominating week of running friend!!! wowwwww! the mountain climb and then following up the stairstepper with a trail run!?! you must be crazy strong right now!!!

"This is Living" said...

It was awesome to meet you I hope we didnt freak you out! Melanie was beyond excited when we saw you. Great job on the Half. I am not yet a very seasoned blogger yet but LOVE to post about my random life's happenings and read about others :)

Jen said...

It was so fun seeing you again. You are such a strong runner and I really admire your dedication to the schedule. Can't wait to do it again with you sometime!