Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 10 of 16

Week #10
Monday August 6th-Ran 5 Miles/Walked 2 Miles
 The training schedule starting this week and continuing through week 14 has me running the same miles on Monday for 5, Wednesday for 8, and Thursday for 5.  When I saw this I immediately thought this could get boring but then I realized that would only be the case if I don't change things up and run in different places.  So, that will be my challenge for these next five weeks. My weekend runs are covered with my addiction to running half marathons every Saturday.  I go to my race and then throw in the additional mileage needed for that week and that solves Saturday's long run for me.  It almost feels like I'm cheating by not doing these long runs all by myself on my own.  My hubby said "You're putting in the mileage and that's all that matters.  It doesn't matter where you're doing it or who with."  He's right and I really do enjoy the excitement and all the people at a race and so I will probably continue to keep signing up for them.
So for today's mileage I had recorded the Olympic Women's Marathon on Sunday morning at 4:00 am but of course I wouldn't be watching it that early.  I saved it to watch for today's run on the treadmill.  I did a 1 mile walking warm-up, then ran 5 miles and finished up with walking 1 mile to cool down.  As I watched those Olympic women run I was so astounded at their speed and actually tried to turn up the treadmill for just a few seconds to run at their pace.  NOPE!  NOT HAPPENING!  My body was getting ready to fly off that machine backwards after only about 3 seconds. I just can't even comprehend those incredible ladies doing that for 26.2 miles.  That's something I will get to do in heaven.

Tuesday August 7th-Rest Day-Walked 4 Miles with Laurie
I always enjoy this twalking time.

Wednesday August 8th-Ran 8 Trail Miles
I ran this morning with the Facebook group of friends called "The Single-Track Girls,"  I was very grateful to run in the hills and not be all alone.  There were only 3 of us but it was perfect.  As usual I ran at the back of the pack.  I'm happy bringing up the rear.  It may always be that way since I'm pretty much the oldest in the group and definitely the slowest.

I'm pretty stoked about my new hydration vest that my good friend Annaleesa hooked me up with last night.  I used it today for my first time and I'm absolutely sold on it!  It was so comfortable and lightweight.  Perfect for my longer runs.

Thursday August 9th-Ran 5 Miles
I'm rich! I found 3 dollars in the gutter on this run.  See?  Running really does pay off!
I decided not to do any speed work today to save my legs for Saturday's big 50K adventure.  I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

Friday August 10th-Walked 4 Miles
with Laurie and confessed to her that I was doing a 50K tomorrow.  I know I'm a crazy lady but I just don't want others to think I am too.

Saturday August 11th-My First Real, Signed-Up For, Ultra Race!! The Corner Canyon Ultra Trail Race-50K (31 miles).
This was an absolutely incredible and amazing experience.  I will be posting about this whole thing in another blog entry.

Sunday August 12th- Day of Rest! And much napping!

 Total Running Miles: 49
 Total Walking Miles: 10


Julia said...

absolutely crazy awesome week of running for you! cant wait to read more about the 50k!!! you are amazing!

kessa333 said...

What is the hydration vest? Looks cool!

susette said...

It's a Nathan hydration vest with a bladder inside. Google it and you may like it

kessa333 said...

Cool thanks! About to sign up for a marathon, and I happened upon your site :)

susette said...

How exciting!!!!! Good luck kessa

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