Saturday, September 1, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 13 of 16

Week #13
Monday August 27th-Ran 5 Miles
on the treadmill while watching Mission Impossible.  After enjoying homemade salsa and a few too many peaches from off of our tree yesterday I decided that staying close to home would probably be a good idea. 
Tuesday August 28th-Rest Day-Walked 4.25 Miles
with my buddy Laurie.

Wednesday August 29th-Ran11 Miles
I got up in the 4 o'clock hour again to run with my new friends in the Runner's Anonymous group.  We met up in Highland to run Traverse Mountain again, like we did last week.  These photos are really proving how unflattering 5:00 am looks on me.  I'm not quite sure why I'm sticking my thumb in the air on both photos. I'm really not feeling that good.  Maybe I'm trying to convince myself otherwise?

 So this sign is proof that this hill is massive!  And it goes on for 4 miles.  If you've ever run up an 8% grade then you totally understand this feeling.  If you haven't then I am officially challenging you to try it out.  I'm still trying to comprehend my crazy thinking in doing this not once but twice?  We'll see if it happens a third time next week.  No guarantees!
However this was some of the beauty to enjoy when the sun finally came out and I was on my way back down the mountain.  The group eventually spread out and people had to leave for work and getting kids off to school. I sort of hung out up here running more while enjoying the scenery and neighborhoods before I headed back down the mountain.  Oops.  I wasn't planning to do this many miles this morning.
  Thursday August 30th-Trail Run 6.25 Miles
I just can't get my fill of these beautiful hills.  The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling off just a tiny bit so being out here is just a little too tempting for me.

Friday August 31st-Walked 4.25 Miles
with Laurie

Saturday September 1st-Ran 20 Miles
Ran the Bear Lake Monster Half Marathon and then 7 additional miles
Sunday September 2nd- Day of Rest!

 Total Running Miles: 42.25
 Total Walking Miles:   8.50


Unknown said...

My gosh. You are really running with this running thing. You go girl.

Gina Horkey said...

Getting close! You've put in your "time!" It'll be a piece of cake. Can't wait to read how it goes.

wendy said...

I am going to have to nickname you Forrest Gump

Unknown said...

Wow, great training week! I'm impressed that you ran a half and still added on 7 miles. That's something I like to plan to do, but I NEVER follow through. Always too lazy at the end of the half to keep going. And you've got some beautiful running scenery to make the miles go faster.

Will Cooper said...

love the pictures! your passion for running is evident in's the little things - 8% grades, changing leaves - that make running what it is. thanks for sharing!