Sunday, July 1, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 4 of 16

Week #4

Monday June 25th-Ran 3.5 trail miles and walked 1 mile
out and back to Dry Canyon with a side trek to check on Porter's rock.  After Saturday's half marathon PR I was a little more sore than usual and was a bit worried about running today.  I decided to just get up and do it anyway and see what I felt like.  Of course, I was happy to be out there on the trails and although my calves and quads were a little on fire the beauty and love of the hills trumped the soreness.  

Tuesday June 26th-Rest day-walked 5 miles 
with Laurie in the cool morning sunshine
Wednesday June 27th-Ran 5.5 miles
started from home and ran a loop with a hill that had an incline grade of 36%.  I felt like the little engine that couldn't.  Lots of alternating walking and running going on in this section.  Luckily it lasted less than 1/2 mile.  About a mile down the road I came upon a church with hundreds of people walking around in pioneer clothing.  They were getting ready to head off on a trek.  I've never gotten to experience that but I'm sure I could pull up my bootstraps and don my pioneer skirts and pull a wagon right along with the rest of them. It's probably quite a fun and unique experience. 

Thursday June 28th-Ran 6.5 trail miles
with Lisa and Lilly.  I got up at 4:40 am this morning and met these 2 girls at 5:00 am.  (Waking up in the 4 o'clock hour-seriously?? I may have added a nap or two later in my day) These girls belong to the "Single-Track Girls" Facebook group I was added to a couple weeks ago. The exciting thing to me is both of these gals seriously live within 1 mile of me and I may be seeing more of them in the weeks ahead.  We ran all over some trails in Provo Canyon and I was astounded once again at the beauty of the hills.  Right as we started our run two deer crossed our paths.  That was a nice little bonus of the morning.   
Friday June 29th-Rest day-walked 4 miles
with Laurie on Porter's hill-up 2 miles then turn around and come back down 2 miles.  Great calves and quads workout. 

Saturday June 30th-Hiked Mount Timpanogos 16 miles total
It's a guess but about 7.5 were hiking miles and 8.5 were running miles
Sunday July 1st-Day of Rest!
Total Running Miles: 24
Total Walking Miles: 17.5


Unknown said...

Rock star!

Josh said...

Wowzers! I am jealous of all those runs and HIKE!