Thursday, July 5, 2012

Provo Freedom Run 10K and July 4th Celebrations

The morning started off with a 5:30 am alarm to be ready to get down to Provo by about 6:30 am.  Cooper drove me down to Kiwanis park and dropped me off on the corner while he and Brittany went and parked the truck and got her to the start of her 5K race, which was in a different spot.  They planned to wait for me to finish my 10K and then we would head over to the parade route where we had a spot staked out.  As I wandered to the bathrooms I saw a few familiar faces and stopped and chatted with the Wheelhouse family, Friel Family, a couple of blogging friends, and Monnica.  I didn't bring a camera because Mark was going to snap some photos as I ran by our parade spot.  I was grateful Monnica's hubby snapped a couple of us here before heading up to the starting line. (my friend Annaleesa said I look like I'm trying to sneak through the bushes somewhere)

We got to the starting line and waited only a couple minutes and then off we went.  The first mile was uphill which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and then we turned and had a nice sweet downhill for awhile.  I was looking forward to get to the portion of the race where we run 2 miles of the parade route.  My friend Laurie told me to take out my earbuds so I could hear the crowd cheering. this is where it gets really disappointing.  The first two miles were a little bit of a struggle but I was doing alright. I felt sluggish and my legs were just tired.  So I was really excited about getting to the spot where there would be some crowd distractions and cheering. I was also looking forward to seeing my hubby at our staked out spot.  I took my headphones out and ran along with a couple thousand other people yet I honestly think spectators were still trying to wake up from their overnight campout on the sidewalks of Provo, Utah.   When I came to the spot our blankets and chairs were set up on, NO HUBBY.  Come to find out, he couldn't find parking and got so frustrated he went back home.  So, no running photos and no cheering spectators, and no hubby made me a tad disappointed.  After about a mile I decided, heck with this I need some motivation, so I put my music back in my ears and enjoyed that instead.  The rest of the race was just a constant push to get to the finish.  Then when I got there, no Cooper and Brittany.  I had my cell phone so I called Cooper and we found each other as I got myself some oranges, grapes, and bread.  I also got a fancy blue water bottle but once again failed to get a finisher's medal.  (Just like St. George half marathon)  Oh well, since they just collect dust in a drawer anyway.
Cooper took this picture of us with his cell phone after the race.  Brittany did well in her 5K and I finished my 10K in 1:09:15.  It's an OK time for me, but not my best.  Today was just one of those days that everything was just off.  I guess it happens to every runner at some point.  We headed over to the parade and enjoyed being with Kali, Wade, Miles, Cooper, Brittany, my sister Kareena and eventually my momma showed up.  The parade this year seemed like a flop.  Maybe I was just a bit disappointed with my run this morning but Kali even felt like the parade just wasn't that big of a deal either.  We wondered why we put so much effort into this and then we realize it's because of traditions.  Watching little Miles enjoy different parts of the parade was actually the funnest part for me.  I have no photos at the parade because Mark had my camera at home.  So after the parade on home we went.  We took naps and then I prepared for a BBQ with the family.
It was so nice to have my niece Kari and my sister Kareena here.
My dad and mom
My sister Marie and her hubby Bill.

Wade, Miles, Kali
Mark, me, Miles, Cooper, Brittany, Jordan, baby Peregrine Quincy
 Little Mr. Miles enjoyed sparklers this year, until he stepped on one barefoot.  Yes, Kali felt horrible.
 After some tears and soaking his foot in cold water they got him patched up and ready to head off to the real fireworks.
 Miles enjoyed about half of the fireworks show this year.  Which was a lot better than last year when he hid under a blanket the whole time.  He did a lot better than I thought he would but didn't like the loud pops and hid under the blanket this year for only a short time.  I loved that he liked to snuggle so much. I'll take that anytime!


Unknown said...

When I was running, I never had anyone to cheer me on or be there for me to take pictures or anything. It was so disappointing because I'd see husbands waiting for their wives and cheering them on or I'd see kids hugging their Moms at the finish line and I would just get sad. Running for me had to have a purpose, because no one really cared that I did it. The races I ran were always for a cause. So at least I wouldn't be disappointed personally. But I do think I would have kept it up in spite of my bum knee, had even one person been excited for me and encouraged me.
It looks like you had a great 4th of July. I'd take snuggling with a baby over anything anytime!

Launi said...

Sorry about the baby's foot--poor guy! Your family is adorable. :}