Friday, June 29, 2012

Blog Book #2 is Here

When I started this blog back in December of 2007 I had absolutely no idea what the blogging world was like and what experiences I would have because of it and the wonderful people I would meet.  It's really too numerous to start naming.  What I can say is it has been a positive experience and I hope to continue to enjoy many more years of it.  Blogging started taking over my scrap-booking life, which has sadly fallen by the wayside.  Blogging became to me a scrapbook and journal all in one and I soon came to realize that these were precious memories I was afraid of losing if something happened to blogger.  So I'm slowly trying to get this stuff in print form.  I did a little research and asked around and liked the company Blurb for compiling my memories and publishing them into book form.  I started with the oldest year of blogging and had the end of 2007 and 2008 published a few months ago. I just recently finished doing all my blog memories and photos of 2009.  Here is just a little glimpse into how it turned out.

Next up will be 2010, which was an incredibly hard year for our family, the year we lost Porter.  I plan to start working on it soon and will take my time as I reflect and remember my youngest son.  I want to complete this book feeling unhurried and allowing plenty of opportunities for my memories to flow. I'm sure there will be many cry sessions and many fond memories of my sweet boy as I compile and create 2010.


Erica Gorman said...

That is so beautiful and what a wonderful idea.

How hard is the process? I am used to doing photo books with Shutterfly or this about the same?

LL said...

I'm so glad you blog--you inspire me! and make me smile.

Lara Neves said...

I started one of those books and never finished. I feel overwhelmed, but I like the idea of doing it one year at a time. Like you, I haven't scrapbooked much in the past few years and my blog is my scrapbook. I must print it out!

Yours looks so beautiful!

Unknown said...

They look great so far! I've been printing my books in a smaller version since I started blogging and I'm so glad I have them. I wish you peace as you work on 2010.

Doran & Jody said...


Guess I better download my next book...2009, ok I'm a little behind.

Jillian said...

Who did you do your book through?