Sunday, July 22, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 7 of 16

The training plan I'm using for my first marathon.
Week #7 
Monday July 16th-Ran 4.25 Miles
After a nice little weekend vacation of hiking and a half marathon on Saturday my legs were feeling a little sluggish but I just kept thinking that my mind needs to not give up before my body, so I kept going and finished strong. I'm hoping for a better week mentally and physically than I had last week. After my run I did 40 sit-ups and 25 push-ups. (woman style)
Tuesday July 17th-Stair Stepper for 60 minutes
My walking buddy is on vacation so I hit the gym this morning.  I had a huge stack of newspapers I needed to get read and so I tackled that as I climbed.  Burned 483 calories in an hour, not as great as running but hey, it was a rest day on my marathon training schedule so I'll take it.
Wednesday July 18th-Ran 6.25 Miles
I tried speed work again this week.  The same kind I did last week.  This time I did 2 miles warm up and then the speed work which I used up 2.42 miles this time to accomplish.  I'm not sure what that means.  Maybe I had longer strides? Last week I accomplished it in 2.33 miles.  Maybe I should be measuring my time instead of distance since it is speed work?? Regardless, it was a challenge and I did it running down state street instead of on a track.
Thursday July 19th-Trail Run/Hike 4.5 Miles in Dry Canyon
The speed work I did yesterday made my calves feel like they were stuck in two vice grips.  I ran with the single-track girl's club and was definitely at the back of the pack.  I enjoyed the beautiful surroundings though and remembered once again how much I love being out here in the hills and on the trails.  For those of you who have been reading my blog longer than two years and know about the loss of my 18 year old son, it was the cliff on the right in this picture that he lost his footing on and slipped and fell to his death.  This canyon is pretty sacred to me and I ALWAYS feel just a sense of peace and love from Porter when I'm up here. 
Friday July 20th-Walked 6 Miles 
Walked 5 miles with Laurie, then when I got home I kept my Garmin on and mowed the grass for an additional mile.
Saturday July 21st-Trail/Road Run-12 Miles
I haven't run this far in a long time without being in a race.  It felt a little strange to have to run so far all by myself.  I didn't have any planned route in mind when I headed out the door.  I just started running.  I ran in the little rural town to the North of me where I passed a few cows, horses, chickens, and sheep.  Then my body started naturally meandering up into the hills.  That's where I love to be and next thing I know I'm doing most of my mileage up there across the face of the mountain.  Then I came back down and headed home.  It was a great training run for hills both up and down!
I attended a family reunion later and after a healthy, hefty lunch I played about an hour of frisbee.  I got in some more great running since my frisbee partners weren't the most accurate throwers. I can't say I was much of a great frisbee partner either but we laughed and had a fabulous time anyway.  You can bet I felt like I had just taken another shower but this time with all my clothes on.  Ugh!!
Sunday July 22nd-Rest

 Total Running Miles: 27
Total Walking Miles:  6
Other:  1 hour stair stepper 
  This week was a better week than last week and I was happy to be able to feel a little more energy and less sluggishness.  Not sure what my issue was last week, but I felt a little more on track mentally and physically this week.