Saturday, July 28, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 8 of 16

Week #8
Monday July 23rd-Ran 6 Miles 
I went back up into the hills to do this run and although I was scheduled for only 4 miles I couldn't stop myself from continuing further on the path.  Oh heavenly trails, how I love thee.
Tuesday July 24th-Power Walked 11 Miles
Happy Pioneer Day Utah!  My friend Josh was running his very first marathon today in the Deseret News Marathon and I thought it would be fun to go cheer him on and go a few miles with him.  By the time I got parked and walked a few miles in the opposite direction I found him a little after mile 17 and continued power walking with him to the end.  Way to go Josh!
Wednesday July 25th-Ran 6 Miles
I tried to throw a little speed work in there as well but failed miserably after 2 separate tries.  Just not enough energy this morning, so I just plugged away with a nice steady pace to get the miles done.
Thursday July 26th-Speedwork-Ran 4 Miles
Success today with my speedwork! I was able to do the same speedwork as the last 2 weeks and this time I timed myself.  I guess if I'm going to keep doing this I should see if there is any improvement.  It took me 25:22 minutes to accomplish it in 2.40 miles.  Now I'm actually a little bit excited to see how I do next week when I attempt this again.  
Friday July 27th-Walked 4 Miles
It was nice to see my good friend Laurie and chat about our week after not seeing each other for a whole week.
Saturday July 28th-Ran 14 Miles at the Timpanogos Half Marathon. A NEW PR! 2:07:51-Race Recap coming soon.
  My marathon training schedule was for 14 miles today so I ran a warm-up mile before the race started.

Sunday July 29th- Day of Rest!
 Total Running Miles:  30 
Total Walking Miles:  15  


Doran & Jody said...

I am SO proud of you!

Kathee said...

Way to go!! How awesome to run a warmup mile before your half. I'm running the "Top of Utah" in August also! I've never ran it before, so it should be interesting but fun, it will be my 3rd half marathon. I still have never signed up for a marathon..I'm going through a "Ragnar" phase this year. Mostly for the medals - they are super cool! Yeah, it just takes a little bling for me to get motivated. Oh and the long hours with other runners in a van having a blast.
I'm also from Utah!

Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny said...

What a great week of training! You get a great PR and help Josh finish his marathon!

Cory Reese said...

I am so excited for you. Your training is going awesome, and you are getting well-prepared for the big one.

Congrats on your PR! Your hard work is definitely paying off!