Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 5 of 16

Week #5
Monday July 2nd-Ran 3 miles and walked 1 mile
I was still a little bit sore from my big 16 mile adventure on Timpanogos Mountain on Saturday and so I decided to sleep in a little bit and did my scheduled 3 miles on the treadmill while watching last week's Bachelorette. As my Saturday runs get progressively a little bit longer I worry just a tiny bit what my body will be able to do on Monday mornings. I'll just cross that bridge each week as I get to it. 

Tuesday July 3rd-Rest Day walked 5 miles with Laurie.  I got a little bit of an earlier start this morning before I met up with my stalwart friend and after a lap around the park and seeing this beautiful sunrise I had to dash back into the house to grab the camera. It's almost a patriotic photo with the red, white and blue sky.  Well....almost red.

Wednesday July 4th-Freedom Run 10K Ran 6.25 miles and walked 1 mile
a pretty uneventful race.  I showed up, said hi to a couple of familiar faces, used the potty (real flushers at the park bathroom) and then we were off. I ran my miles and was highly disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm from the parade spectators as we ran a little over 2 miles of the course on the parade route.  Hardly any cheers going on.  My friend Laurie, whom I saw later said it was probably because they were all still waking up from sleeping out the night before. Lame-O!

Thursday July 5th-Ran 4.25 miles
Oh my what a pathetic day.  I think staying up late last night to watch fireworks and eating a super delicious BBQ dinner zapped me of my energy this morning.  I slept in and didn't get my run in until the evening. I had Mark take me to Dry Canyon trail head and my plan was to run across the mountain and then home.  The looming clouds overhead had me a little nervous.  Exactly 1/2 mile into my run the skies opened up and poured right on down on me.  I had to stop my garmin and hide in the trees for a little while.  I was getting drenched even under the trees.  After I came out this is what the trail looked like and I had to do a lot of puddle dodging.  It made for a slightly more eventful run. I actually had a good time until I heard thunder and saw lightening a couple times.  You can bet I was hightailing it home!
Friday July 6th-Rest day-Walked 5.5 miles
I did a few laps around the park and then met up with Laurie.  Still feeling a little bit sluggish.  Holidays in the middle of the week kind of throw me off I think.

Saturday July 7th-Pink Donut Half Marathon-Ran 13.25 Miles 
My friend Josh whom I met back when I ran the Draper Trails 15 mile run, hosted this cancer benefit race.  It was held up in Bountiful on the Legacy Parkway Trail and was an awesome experience.  Race recap coming soon.
Sunday July 8th-Day of Rest!
Total Running Miles:  26.75
Total Walking Miles:  12.5


Josh said...

I love the melting pink donuts. Still delicious! LOL!

Christy said...

I stumbled upon your blog and see you are training for a full marathon- exciting! I think I saw somewhere that you live in UT or the Provo area, which peaked my interest as well (I'm from Layton). Thought I'd say hello and hope you don't mind me following along your training!

Julia said...

i read this yesterday and thought i had commented! i guess i am losing my mind;) you had an awesome week and it was so perfect seeing you again! you are HARD CORE to be out there tackling the trails in that storm!!! wow!!

Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny said...

Your training looks like it is going great! I love running in the rain. All the hikes you have been on look so fun! I need to get to the mnts asap!

Doran & Jody said...

Yep! You are CaRAZY!!

Arica said...

That's a lot of miles!! Good job Girl!