Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 3 of 16

Week #3

Monday June 18th-Ran 5.5 trail miles and walked 1 mile
on a new trail in Provo Canyon with an old neighbor friend. 

Tuesday June 19th-Rest day-walked 4.5 miles 
with Laurie.  All of my Tuesdays and Fridays will probably say walking with Laurie.  She's always there for me.
Wednesday June 20th-Ran 4.5 miles and walked .25 miles
on the treadmill while watching the Bachelorette.  My boys got me started watching this stupid show and now I'm a little bit hooked.  Seriously, it's just a little bit too dramatic.  I hope she ends up with.....I don't know yet but more than likely it won't work out in the end.  Does it ever on these shows?

Thursday June 21st-Ran 3.5 trail miles to Stewart Falls and back
Sometimes life throws you curve balls and you can learn to swing at them or stand there and strike out.  
I have mentioned before how frustrating it is to want to run on the trails but at the same time not feeling safe out there alone. It's kind of an amazing story to me, or an answer to my prayers, but to make a long story short I have found some trail running companions that may be around for awhile.  I was literally out-of-the-blue added to a local Facebook group of ladies who run all over the trails here at least once a week.  There are 24 members in this group but so far it looks like only about 4 or 5 of them get together weekly. The interesting thing to me is I already recognize 2 of the faces in the group and they actually live in my neighborhood.  So this morning's run started bright and early at 5:30 am with a super refreshing run in the mountains.  Only one girl from the group showed up with her brother, but it was absolutely the most delightful run and I'm looking forward to the next one.  The numbers were low this week since a lot of the gals had run Ragnar over the weekend and were still recovering.  It will be so fun to see where these ladies run and what new friendships will be made.  I hope I can keep up with them!    
Friday June 22nd-Rest day-walked 4 miles
with Laurie on what I like to call Porter's hill. It's a continual climb for 2 miles where we reach the parking lot of Dry Canyon and then turn around and head back down. I'm hoping the downhill training will help for the 4000 foot descent through Cottonwood Canyon, where I will run my first marathon in September.
Saturday June 23rd-Ran 13.1 miles at the 
American Fork Canyon Half Marathon 
This was BY FAR my most favorite half marathon ever run, to date. I will be posting more about this soon.
Sunday June 24th-Day of Rest!
Total Running Miles: 26.5
Total Walking Miles: 9.75


Unknown said...

I think it's wise to never hike alone. I had the same feelings when I first moved here and was hiking by myself. I am so glad I found people I could hike with. I think hiking is the perfect cross trainer for running hills. Looks like you are getting ready!!

Jerilee E. said...

Great week of running for you! I heard that the American Fork half was a great race- I really need to do that one next year.
I want to do more running/hiking on trails, but am scared to do it alone. We have some trails sort of near my house, but it just doesn't feel safe.