Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 1 of 16

As I start this new journey of preparing for a full marathon I decided I wanted to keep track on my little old blog here to keep me accountable for the next 16 weeks.

Week #1
Monday June 4th-Ran 6 miles 
 on the trails with Julia.  The weather was a little warm but it was so much fun to explore a new trail in Provo.  I love trail running so much but realize I need to spend most of my training on the road to mimic the course of the marathon.  We'll see as time goes by how much I adhere to that idea. 
Tuesday June 5th-Rest day-walked 4 miles 
with Laurie.  Trust me that even though this is a scheduled rest day, it's truly not resting when I walk with this girl.  We are picking 'em up and putting 'em down for a solid hour.

Wednesday June 6th-Ran 4.5 miles 
on the treadmill while watching the finale of American Idol.  I already was aware that Phil Phillips had won but I had to watch it anyway.  He is such a great singer and was such a humble winner.  It was a pretty tender moment when he cried at the end and couldn't finish singing so instead he walked out to the audience to hug his family.  Precious. 

Thursday June 7th-Ran 3 miles 
outside in the early morning sunshine.  Nothing exciting about this run.  Just had to get it done. Probably the wrong attitude for week 1. 

Friday June 8th-Rest day-walked 3.25 miles 
with Laurie.  I had to cut it short this morning to get somewhere.  I'm so grateful Laurie is so supportive and flexible with my marathon schedule.  She has been my walking buddy for many years.  She's always been so willing to change things up for me and my crazy ideas.  

Saturday June 9th-Ran Utah Valley Half Marathon-13.1 miles 
and then after indulging in a few goodies and visiting my family and friends I headed back up the road to go get my daughter Kali, who is almost 5 months pregnant and was just planning to walk the whole course.  I put in an additional 5 miles of walking with her.

Sunday June 10th-A real true rest day! 
I definitely enjoy some much needed R and R.

Total Running Miles:  26.5
Total Walking Miles:  12.25

Utah Valley Half Marathon Recap coming next


Julia said...

fantastic first week of training friend! you have a great balance of running and walking miles...very excited for you:)

Momma Twitch said...

I love it! I think I may have to copy you and do a weekly recap like this. Maybe it'll make motivated to keep moving through this pregnancy.

Jenny Lynn said...

I am panting and tired just reading. But admire your goals. Setting my own!

Cory Reese said...

Jealous that you guys got out on the trail again. And I'm sorry you had to run a few miles on the treadmill. And I'm looking forward to your race recap.

Your training is going awesome!

Brittany said...

If you think 4.5 miles is a rest day then you miss, are just a little crazy. I envy you, I wish I could do this I'm so out of shape hahaha. I'm doing the Freedom Run and we will see how this goes, I might need you to carry me back.