Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Marathon and Race Addictions

Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon
September 22, 2012
(more about that later)

Race addictions:
Isn't the first step of recovery admitting you have a problem?  What if the addiction isn't a bad problem?  What if the addiction is a good one?  Well, I think I'm officially addicted to running races, and I'm thinking any recovery isn't necessary.  The side bar over there-----------> keeps growing as I find myself being more and more thrilled with signing up and running races.  My husband wishes I would sign up for races that are a little more far away so that we can actually go somewhere and have a vacation.  So, that is one of the reasons for the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon in July.  When I started running and training in December of 2010 I had no idea I would love running in races so much.  In fact my friend Jody invited me to run a 5K with her in March of 2011 and I remember thinking and even saying out loud to her "Why would people spend so much money running races when you can just do it for free on your own?"  I just didn't get it then, but boy am I ever eating my words now.
Running of the Leopards 5K in Salt Lake City-March 2011
My very first 5K-30:40

I started my running journey about a year and a half ago when my cute daughter Kali, suggested as we were driving up the freeway, to run a half marathon together.  I chuckled at first and then my wheels in my brain started turning and I became very intrigued.  I thought about it for a few days and even weeks and then  I went ahead and signed up for my first half marathon which was to be the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June of 2011.
Utah Valley Half Marathon-June 2011-2:38:02

So now here it is June 2012 and I am running Utah Valley Half Marathon again on Saturday, EXACTLY one year since my first half marathon. I have no big expectations as I prepare to run on Saturday, of course except to beat my last year's time.  It should happen unless something goes very wrong.  I'm really just hoping to see a few familiar faces and just have a great time out there.  My daughter, Kali, signed up for the race this year and then became pregnant so her plans are to walk the course.  I'm looking forward to running my race and then heading back to get her and finish with her.  That will give me more opportunities to cheer for the FULL marathon people as they come by.  Yes, it's true that people can run a full marathon faster than I can run a half marathon.

Speaking of full marathons....I have been seeing this particular race advertised on Facebook for a few weeks now and it's been speaking to my soul.  I've been wanting to run a marathon for some time now but have just felt like the biggest chicken.  After my Draper Trails running experiences and being encouraged by a few running friends I decided to go ahead and sign up.  That was the HARDEST submit button I ever pushed on the computer.  I have exactly 16 weeks to train and prepare which is perfect and so now with week one almost done I'm feeling excited and trying not to get too nervous as I look ahead at some of the longer runs on the schedule.  I've been told to just go into this marathon with the plan to finish and without any expectations on a specific time.  Then there won't be any disappointments.  I know that will be hard to do because as of now I just want to take my average half marathon time and double it but I've been told it doesn't quite work that way.  So finishing a marathon is the goal for now.  Marathon #2 will be the one I set a time for. If you have any marathon training tips or words of advice please feel free to gush them now.


Unknown said...

Honey, there are worse things to be addicted to! Just be careful and listen to your body!

Julia said...

yayyyy!!! all your races make me so happy and excited...especially your first marathon!! woo hooooo! so wish i could be here for it. we should start together at AF half! i bet you will be faster than 2:30 but at least we could run together for a second! haha! what is the New Year's run?? that sounds so cool!

Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny said...

CONGRATS on the 1st marathon....I remember mine and man was in an eye opening experience. I loved/hated it but was definitely addicted after that. ;)
I totally agree with those that have told you to just focus on finishing and not to set a time goal. I kinda did that for my first. I just told myself that I wanted to finish under 5 hrs. I have done that for all three but barely made it by 3 mins this last one.
Good luck this weekend and can't wait to hear how it goes!

Josh said...

Yeah! We should check to see if there are any 7 Elevens on the Cottonwood Canyon Marathon route. If so, Slurpees are on me!

But, you can totally rock this marathon. You are ready! The hardest part is just mentally getting there. That's been the biggest thing for me.

I'm with you though on my first marathon. I'm all about finishing. I'd like to finish around 5-5:30 hours, but I've been told not to put a time on it.

But, seriously, you are a ROCKSTAR!

Michael said...

Racing can definitely become addictive!! I love to race too!! Congrats on signing up for you first full. I just did my first one in January, and it was HARD, but truly an amazing experience and something no one can ever take from you!!! Good luck with the training!

Johann said...

I'm addicted to running and this is because of racing for sure. All the best with your preparation for your 1st marathon!

Anonymous said...

This is weird. My husband and I are running the UV half and our daughter is walking it. We are going to come back and finish it with her!Congratulations on your full sign up. It is scary but so worth it. I'm doing Top of Utah the week before so I might sign up for the Cottonwood half. It looks like an awesome race and it is near my house.
My first UV half time was 2:37 so it sounds like we have similar paces. Hope to see you and say hi in person!

wendy said...

MY marathon training tips....grab a bag of Doritos, and watch it on tv (tee,he)

Jen@runfortheboys said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! Sending speedy thoughts from Florida!

Arica said...

I am so excited for you. You will love every minute. My fastest marathon time is slowest half marathon doubled exactly, weird huh?