Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 2 of 16

Still Plugging away at this training and loving more time in the hills than on the road. I really hope that's a good thing.

Week #2
Monday June 11th-Walked 3 miles in the am-Ran 3 miles in the pm
Since the Utah Valley Half Marathon was just 2 days previous to Monday's scheduled 3 mile run I was a little hesitant to run so soon, so I got up and a did a brisk walk in the park in the morning (we live right next to a park so it's very convenient) and then did a 3 mile run on the treadmill in the evening while catching up on Sister Wives.  Yes, I like that show but don't condone their lifestyle.
Tuesday June 12th-Rest day-walked 5 miles 
with Laurie.  All of my Tuesdays and Fridays will probably say walking with Laurie.  She's always there for me.

Wednesday June 13th-Ran 6 miles 
I am having a huge dilemma.  I want to get up in the hills and run but it's so tricky being alone and feeling safe.  I did it anyway.  My husband even drove me to the trail head.  I ran an out and back for a total of 3 miles and then ran on home for an additional 3 miles to make 6 for the day.  

Thursday June 14th-Ran 3 miles 
  around the neighborhood.  I also found a tiny little stretch of a dirt path to run on near State Street, so yes, I ran up and down that a few times. 

Friday June 15th-Rest day-walked 5 miles 
with Laurie. We have a general meeting spot and after we do our regular route sometimes I walk her all the way home for additional mileage or I will do a few laps around the park.  I love the cool mornings and being outside in it.

Saturday June 16th-Hiked in Logan Canyon 12 Miles-6 miles walking and 6 miles running
Hiked straight up a mountain (doesn't going up any mountain feel like straight up?-ha) and enjoyed some beautiful views and an old Juniper tree that's 1500 years old.  I will be blogging about this whole day in another post.

Sunday June 17th-Happy Father's Day to my dad and my sweetie!
It's definitely a rest day!
Total Running Miles: 18
Total Walking Miles: 19