Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day and Wade's Birthday

We celebrated Father's Day a day early in our house this year. Kali and Wade were heading out of town to spend the week in Disneyland and California. So we gave Mark a present, which Miles happily helped out in the unwrapping of.
But then when it was unwrapped he tried to run away with the goods!
Mark was successful in getting it back.  We used to watch Dinosaurs when it was on TV and loved the little baby dinosaur who always sits in his high chair and yells "Not the Mama"  Mark likes some of the old TV series that aren't on anymore and so occasionally that's what we get him for presents. 
Wade's actual birthday was today and he needed a nice large canopy to go under his new tent he got from his parents for Christmas and so Mark picked it out and I bonked him on the head with it.
Kali made some super delicious chocolate cupcakes with swirly cream cheese frosting and we indulged.
Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday 
to two special people in our family.
The next day, the real Father's Day, we headed over to my parent's home after church and visited my mom and dad and ate lemon cake and ice cream.  It was nice to visit other family members as well who were there.