Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nativity Scenes at the Homestead

Near the beginning of December I saw an article about an exhibit in the paper and so we gathered the family together and headed North to Midway to check out the large display of creches.  Cooper drove his truck and so we all piled in.  I was sitting in the middle front seat and just held my camera up over my head and took a picture backwards to see what funny picture I might get and instead this is what I got.  I thought it was awesome that the picture turned out so cute without even giving them warning in the back seat that I was going to take a picture.  They sure fooled me and were ready.  Don't you love Wade's new hat?
Kali's photo-she's got amazing photography skills-Thanks dear for letting me steal another photo.
I loved this huge ornate fireplace, plus the cozy warmth of it wasn't bad either.
Me, Mark and Cooper
I thought of my daddy when I saw this nativity set.  He is a mechanic and a welder. It was all made out of auto parts.
Banana Bark Nativity
This is a nativity scene carved onto an ostrich egg. So pretty!
Olive Wood from Israel
a glass nativity
Bottle caps from Africa-Kali could totally relate because she spent a couple weeks there when she was in high school and would purchase soda from a bottle.
A wood carving
Beaded Nativity
It was so fascinating to see the wide variety of colors and shapes and interpretations of different cultures.
Banana Fibers? So cool!
This one takes the cake for most creative!  Mud and Dung! Whoa!!


Unknown said...

What a fun outing in such a beautiful setting. Merry Christmas!

Jenny Lynn said...

Now these are amazing. I love nativities and how it does not matter what they are made out of the meaning remains the same.