Friday, December 23, 2011

Festival of Lights-Thanksgiving Point

Kali's photo-thanks dear
Kali texted me a couple nights ago and said her and Wade were taking Miles to see the lights and of course I wanted to go too so I invited myself to go along.
Besides, who else would have been able to take a cute photo of them all together by the cozy fire?
After seeing the lights we parked the car and got out to take a stroll in the very frigid night air and saw the reindeer chowing down on the hay getting lots of nourishment for their big night coming soon.
There was a little bit of contankerousness going on and watching them get their antlers stuck together for a few minutes reminded me of my kids in their younger days when they would wrestle and carry on.
I was actually a bit fascinated and yet worried at the same time as I was watching, hoping they would be able to unlock themselves, which they eventually did.
The ice sculptures were absolutely beautiful. 
I wasn't quite sure how anyone could have stayed outside long enough to create these works of art it was that cold!!
I love being with my family.  It brings me joy and warms my heart. (even though we were seriously freezing) Thank you Wade, Kali and little Mr. Miles for letting grandma come along.