Friday, December 16, 2011

Jordan's Birthday

My youngest boy at home is Jordan. He turned 22 in November and we celebrated in a pretty low-key manner this year. We always take the family out to dinner to the restaurant of the birthday child's choice as part of their special day. Jordan chose Brick Oven.

Jordan and Cooper
I thought Monday night at the Brick Oven restaurant was going to be super packed but surprisingly it was pretty quiet tonight.  Possibly many people out holiday shopping.
We came home and had cake.  Jordan was cold and was enjoying the heat of the candles before he blew them out.
Anything look weird about the candles?
There's 22 candles on that cake but I only had 19 cute stripey ones.  A friend of Jordan's had brought him a cupcake from one of those local cupcake shops and it had a really long gold candle wrapped up in a bow on the outside of the box so we snapped that candle into three pieces and poked those into the cake to make 22 candles.  Pretty clever huh?
Jordan's friend Rob came to say hi and helped us sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.
Grandpa and Grandma Hardy are always so cute to come visit and see their grand-kids on birthdays.  We are so lucky to have them close by. 

Can I just say how difficult it is to buy my boys presents?  Jordan couldn't figure out either what he wanted and so his presents were late.  He eventually got a lantern for his falcon shed and a drill and a cool contraption Mark spent a few hours building down at the shop to wind up his string when flying his falcon.  Jordan loves it which is all that matters. 


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