Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Grandson's 2nd Birthday

Another birthday post to catch up on from November.
Kali invited the family and Grandma (grandpa wasn't feeling well) over for a little birthday party with dinner and cake and ice cream. Little Miles was so much fun to hang out with. 
Here he's being so patient as we sing Happy Birthday to him and loving the fire on the candles.
Then he starts blowing and is able to get one flame out and then quickly claps and says "YAY!" It makes us all laugh.  My cute mother in the background really got a kick out of that.

Then on to candle number two with more huffing and puffing.
Which he eventually extinguished.
I guess it was just too tempting to dive right in for a taste!  Why not?  It is his birthday after all.
Then on to present opening and boy did he ever enjoy that.  He doesn't say a whole lot of distinguishable words yet but he certainly knows the word 'toy' and said it multiple times.
My mom and dad gave him this old car.  Miles favorite toys when he goes to great grandma and grandpa's house is the old trucks and cars my dad has in his room.  He runs in there first thing whenever we go over to visit and gets those right away to play with.  My dad thought it would be so fun to get Miles one of his own.
He got puzzles, which he's very smart at doing.
and a Mr. potato head which is another toy he loves at great grandma's house.
This little guy has an amazing attention span and loves to watch Disney movies.  Toy Story is one of his favorites.
This present was from me and Mark and he's been having a fun time playing with it as well.
I couldn't get a normal face from all three at the same time so I just posted both for you to enjoy.
Happy Birthday cute Mr. Miles!!


Cynthia said...

He gets cuter everytime you post! Happy Birthday little guy! Thanks for bringing your Grandma so much joy!