Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Recital

Every year I hold an annual Christmas recital for my piano students. This year went well and I'm happy about the preparation of the students and their desire to learn and progress throughout the year. Teaching music is such a rewarding experience. I love to start students out brand new around age 8 and see them develop their talents in to their high school years. They don't all last that long but those who do really have mastered a great skill and I love to see that growth.
I don't post any pictures of my students on my blog but I can promise you I have some mighty cute students that make me smile every week!

Merry Christmas


Cynthia said...

I'm a piano flunkie! And guitar. And voice. I have no musical inclinations. However, I have a fabulously musical spouse who can hear and play almost anything and he's totally self taught. I love the sound of real, live music in our home. Our boy is shaping up to be an amazing drummer but man, that's not quite so soothing as a well-played piano!

I'm sure your students love you as much as you love them! I may have flunked piano but I still see my teacher from time to time and say hi.