Sunday, December 18, 2011

Laurie's Birthday-December 13th

This is my good friend Laurie. I talk about her from time to time on my blog. She recently celebrated her 45th birthday and of course we had to go have some fun.  We started our partying by going out to dinner at Kneaders for some delicious soup and sandwiches and then headed down to Menchies for some do it yourself frozen yogurt.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop at that place with 16 different flavors of ice cream and yogurts for sampling and then when a decision is finally made you fill up your cup and add toppings-yummy!

After eating we came back to Laurie's for her to open gifts.  Here she is opening a card from our other good friend, Annaleesa. 
Annaleesa was so generous and gave Laurie tickets to see Wicked in Salt Lake this Summer!  What a lucky girl!
Laurie was ecstatic and so surprised!  My present there unopened on the table is a little crock pot which I know Laurie has been wanting for a long time, yet was not nearly as exciting as Wicked tickets.
There is such a goofy story behind this chicken.  Annaleesa got it ages ago when she worked for Chick-fil-et and every birthday it rotates around to Laurie in December, then me in March, and then back to Annaleesa in September when it's each of our birthdays. Our responsibility is to dress it up and put it on the porch the night before the next person's birthday.  This funny little chicken has been a lot of different characters, some pretty crazy to even mention!  I begged and pleaded to be taken out of the rotation because my little uncreative brain just cannot figure out how to dress him up anymore.  I hope the girls listen and obey!!  If not maybe a match or two might take care of that problem. HA!

Laurie loves to sing to piano music and had me play Christmas songs while her and her daughters sang.  Me and the girls also played a few Christmas duets together.  I think Annaleesa may have been singing or maybe only moving her lips to make us think she was.  (she would do something like that)  I think we all had a great time.  Laurie's home is so warm and inviting and having music to finish the party was the icing on the cake. (Oh no!! Laurie, we forgot to have cake!!)


Cynthia said...

I love that you have such a fun tradition with your girlfriends! You guys must be a ton of fun!

I'll be excited to watch your running progress over the coming year!