Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning we had church at 9:00 am for an hour. It was a neat opportunity to participate in choir this year. I'm not usually the singing type but do enjoy some lovely Christmas songs so I joined for a couple months. We have an awesome choir director that did some cool stuff with bells and a violinist who was amazing! The primary sang, the young men and young women had a number, and even a sweet little piano duet by some talented kids. Music has a way of moving me emotionally and I end up crying more than I'd like to, which in turn makes it hard to sing. I got through it though and also love watching the faces of members out in the congregation as they watch and feel the spirit of the day. We then came home and changed our clothes and opened gifts.

I gave these three boys of mine Brian Reagan tickets to go have a man's night out together.  They were all completely shocked and excited.  Isn't it so fun to give a gift that is a total surprise?  It's getting harder the older they get.

Cute little Mr. Miles opening one of his presents from grandma and grandpa.
Then we head over to my parents home where we enjoy the traditional feast of bacon wrapped chestnuts and other delicious breakfast goodies.
I received a new camera from my dear hubby and just as soon as I learn to use it I will hopefully get some cool things on here.  Good thing I have a daughter who can help me.  Thanks ahead dear Kali.
Merry Christmas!


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

So glad your Christmas was awesome! And yea for a new camera!