Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sweetness of a Brand New Baby

Baby Graham Porter Poulsen was born on September 29th, 2014.
He is a total package of sweetness and love straight from heaven,
Straight from his Uncle Porter's arms to Porter's big sisters arms, Graham's mommy, Kali.
On Sunday evening, the day before Graham was to be induced we decided to head up the canyon to take a nice long walk on the Provo River Parkway trail to hopefully help speed up the onset of labor.  Kali, Wade, the kids and myself went.  Wade pushed the kids in the stroller and away we went. When we parked the car the sky was looking a little ominous.  The clouds were heavy and dark but we decided to give it a chance anyway.
There were so many people out enjoying the beautiful cool, Sunday early evening.
Bridal Veil falls was packed and so we walked on past there and continued up higher on the trail.
After a great fast-paced walk the thunder started and the lightening was coming more often. 
A light sprinkling was hitting our faces.
It didn't take too long and we were getting pelted with a downpour before we could get back to the car.  It was pretty crazy, but funny.
Me and Harper after being in the rain, were enjoying a little piano time together when we got back home.  This little girl melts my heart.  

Well, Monday morning came and no labor.  Kali was waiting for the hospital to call and tell her when to come in for the induction.  Well...................oops.  The Dr's office had forgotten to schedule it.  
Kali was not happy.  She had to wait until way later in the day to go in.  
But all is well in the world and this little guy was still born on Monday Sept 29th. 
And here he is, all 9 pounds of him and 21 inches long.  Just as sweet and cute as can be.
Since he was born so late at night, around 10:00 pm we decided to wait and go visit the next afternoon.  
I went over by myself and had a sweet visit with a few others that were there already, my mom, Monica, Wade and the other two grand kids.  
Then they all left and I had a sweet visit with just Kali and the baby.
I loved it.
I could cuddle a newborn baby forever! 
They are just so precious.
Later that night I went over again when Mark got off work.  Jordan and his girlfriend Katelyn stopped by too.  Cooper and Kari would come visit at another time.
What a beautiful day it is when a new spirit enters this world.
Welcome baby Graham!
We are going to love you forever!!