Sunday, September 21, 2014

Epic Rainy Corner Canyon Run

Such an epic day of running for this heart of mine that just needs to be free and moving and enjoying the great outdoors!  Where else can you find such peace, serenity, and pure exhilaration all at the same time?

I am currently training for a 50K coming up in Park City on the first weekend in October and these trails in Corner Canyon are the perfect place for training to happen.  The colors right now are amazing and the trails in such perfect running conditions. 
I slept in a little bit and was so grateful for some much needed extra sleep.  I rounded up my running gear and a little food and headed out to the car and noticed some rain drops and a sky full of clouds.  I made a quick decision to run back in and grab a light jacket.  That would turn out later to be a very smart decision. 
 I parked at a favorite trail head and headed up into the hills admiring the views and taking in all the fresh morning smells.  The sky was looking very ominous, yet I wasn't too worried.  A little rain is actually kind of fun to run in.  
 One of my VERY FAVORITE things to eat during a long run, or even after a good hard run is a peanut butter and honey sandwich on toasted wheat bread.  So, of course, that's what I brought along.  I was just a little sad I didn't have any running company to share it with me.  I found a bench along Ann's trail and sat down and munched the entire thing.  Sooooo delicious!

Solo runs are very good for me too though.  They allow me to talk to my Heavenly Father and share my gratitude, love, fears, and challenges of this crazy life.  He gets an earful.  I'm grateful he listens.  I'm still learning how to listen back.  
 There were so many colors to take in I had to keep stopping for photos, especially with the falling rain and everything so wet.  It was just so incredibly gorgeous!!
 Potato Hill has a lot of special meaning to me.  Recently, a newly made trail, called Red Potato Trail, has opened up so I had to do a little more rediscovering of this area as part of my journey today.  The two photos below show Potato Hill from a couple different distances away.
 Along my journey there were quite a few water crossings and I was surprised to find all of them with big, white, foamy bubbles in them.  At first I thought maybe someone played a joke and put soap in there but apparently not as there were bubbles in all the streams I took photos of.

 This sky full of clouds and rain just never eased up on me the entire 4 hours and 21 minutes I was out here.  I didn't mind.  It was just such a perfect day, and I was so grateful for a healthy body that could move, enjoy, and take it all in.  It was such a rewarding experience to be here this day.  I can't wait to go back!!! Hopefully soon!!!

 As I was coming to the end of this adventure (that I really didn't want to end yet) I decided to complete my run with a screaming fast run down Clark's Trail.  It's probably my favorite trail in all of Corner Canyon because of the speed.  I took off and just started giggling and laughing and crying "Weeeeeeeeeee"  because I'm such a little kid still at heart. Wow!  What a great adventure!  
Honestly?  I don't even know where the time went?  
16 miles just went by too fast.
Can I just live here?


Bridget said...

Beautiful pics! And awesome job!!