Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Long Trail Run, Chasing Grandkids, and an Engagment

Wow, what an incredibly busy, happy day, filled with so many blessings!  
Life is so great!

I met up with a few running pals and headed up into the trails of Pleasant Grove, and the face of Timpanogos, my favorite mountain ever!
What a packed mountain it was today filled with hunters, hikers, runners, scout troops, and friends.  But it was fun to see so many people out enjoying it too.
How could anyone NOT want to be out here?

The weather was so incredible.  I love running when it's brisk and chilly, probably in the upper 40's.

I'm in training for my next 50K in a week and so today's run needed to be full of strength and endurance.  That was accomplished through some major climbs but the reward at the top was so worth it.
We started around 7:20 am and wandered all over this beautiful canyon of Grove Creek for 12 1/2 miles and 5 hours of fun, beauty, and pure enjoyment of this amazing world we live!
How about someone build me a cabin up here and I will live in it and take care of it for you?
The colors were in full splendor!
 Heavenly Father was putting on a great show today!

The second half of the day was spent with these cute little kiddos.
You see, an engagement was about to happen with my oldest son, Cooper and his girlfriend Kari Gardner.
Kali and Wade were helping with the plans and so Mark and I got to wrestle with the littles for the evening.
What a great birthday present for Mark, being surrounded by all of his little grand kids.  His birthday celebrations would be put off a day when all of the family could be together on Sunday since there was so much happening with the engagement.
I actually fell asleep with this little guy for a nice 15 minute nap.  I think I earned it after climbing a mountain this morning.
Kali and Wade headed over to a corn maze where they set up this banner she made and a wooden crate with flowers that Cooper had purchased earlier in the day with Mark.
Kali would be there waiting ready to do photography as Cooper would get down on one knee and propose.
Cooper had informed the corn maze people ahead of time and they were so accommodating.  They were actually very excited about it and gave him two free tickets to get in. 
 After it was all over and Kali and Wade came home we hung around still visiting for awhile, and then had some dinner with them.

I was surprised to see Cooper and Kari stop by to visit as well.
We are so super excited for them!!

Cooper and Kari posted very sweet sentiments on their Facebook pages tonight.

"One year ago today, I met the most amazing woman.  Ever since then, my life hasn't been the same.  She makes me happier than anyone ever could.  It's finally official, we're ENGAGED!!  I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you Kari Gardner."

"This guy got me a really pretty ring!! Happy one year anniversary to the love of my life!  I'm so excited to be able to spend the rest of forever with you.  Thank you for treating me the way a woman should be treated and thank you for loving me how I've always wanted to be loved. You've been there for me through everything and have helped me in so many ways.  I am the happiest I've ever been, with you.  I love you!!"