Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Steps to a Half Marathon

My friend Jody talked me in to running a 5K this weekend.  I have never run an official 5K race. (unless you want to count a 10K I did about 17 years ago)  She said I needed to do this to prepare for the half marathon in June so that I would know what a race feels like. It was called the Running of the Leopards and it was a race to benefit East High School education programs.  The course was fun and all downhill, except for one teensy part.  Here we are in the bitter cold before the race at about 8:00 am looking perky and happy.
Cortney, Doran, Jody, Me
Then we hopped onto a school bus and got driven 3 miles up the road to a big parking lot across the street from Hogle Zoo.  We nearly froze our buns off!!  We had to find shelter fast from the canyon winds and this shovel was parked a little ways off from the starting line, so we made cover there.  It didn't make us warmer but at least we weren't getting winded on.  
Mark is such a trooper.  He got up early to take me to Salt Lake and take photos for us.  He waited patiently at the finish line for me to come through.  I'm not sure of my official time but I think it's about 30:38.  I was very pleased with that because at the gym a few days ago it took me 34:10 on a treadmill.  I realize that going downhill does make a person faster, but I'll admit running on the road was a lot harder. I think the most important thing I learned on this race was it's time for me to start getting some outside running.  

Here I come....with a big ole wave to the hubby.
See those tables behind me?  They filled them up with orange, bananas, and bagels. Such a great refreshment!
 Here we all are looking oh so completely opposite of the first photo taken, except Cortney forgot to look tired.
Oh this one is better :)
The whole experience was a fun one (minus the cold) and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Thanks Jody for forcing encouraging me to do this with you guys.  It was pretty sweet.


Doran & Jody said...

Love it!! Just love it!!
I can't wait to do this again....or can I?

LL said...

I think your cute friend Jody is also friends with one of my good friends here in MA.
Good for you running....I'm envious (I have a dream to run, just can't talk myself into it) ;-)

Unknown said...

Congrats! You're one step closer to that half marathon!

Shauna said...

Good for you guys! YAHOO :)

alpinekleins said...

Look at you!!! :) So amazing!


Chelsea said...

Good job!! It's so good to see your cute smile!

Cynthia said...

And your hair wasn't even mussed! Way to go girl!

tiki_lady said...

you are so beautiful, love it love it!

Heatherlyn said...

Your hair looks great!

I've always thought a 5k would be fun. Good luck on the preparation for your 1/2 marathon!!!

Jenny Lynn said...

Way to go! Good Luck on preparing for your 1/2 m.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

You're amazing! I feel like I'm being tortured when I run my daily MILE (yes, only one, haha!). I can't imagine running like you do, you rock!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Good job! I know you will be ready for your 1/2! You can do it!