Friday, December 3, 2010

Utah Valley Half Marathon

I don't have a bucket list but I do have a few things I would like to do in this lifetime.  One of those being to run a marathon.  Now with that being said, I'm not implying by any means that I am a runner.  In fact I am far from calling myself a runner. I do my daily 4 mile walk with a friend and then to make life a little more interesting, on Mondays, we walk up a rather long steep hill (2 miles) and jog partway down it. (About 1 1/2 miles).  I usually do this same hill on Saturdays too.  That's the extent of my running.  I have always been so impressed by people that run so diligently and that participate in marathons and have often wondered if I could ever have enough drive and stamina to do one myself?  

A few days ago as my daughter and I were heading to the Festival of Trees we saw a billboard advertising the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June 2011. She told me she was signing up and asked me if I wanted to as well.  My mouth and heart said "yes" instantly but my body just laughed. She told me some more details and talked about getting a training schedule online to help me, and shared some more about what's involved with the whole experience and getting prepared for it.
My heart really, really wants to do this but I'm so worried that my 40+ body is too old.  Don't get me wrong.  I know there are many 40+ runners out there that run circles around me but they've probably been at this whole running idea for many years.  Can a person my age just decide she wants to do this and be successful? Will my body rebel?  Will my knees shut down?  Will my motivation to do this stay strong, or will I say it's too hard and quit?  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  My mind is really having a hard time with this decision. Any advice friends?


Anonymous said...

I have ALWAYS envied runners too. I don't have the feet to run. Too many twists and problems, so I have always stuck with walking. I walk 4 miles, too. I have friends who run marathons. In fact, I have one friend who is in the 50 marathon club (or something like that). I applaud you for wanting to. You have 6 months to train. If you end up not doing it, just think of all the progress you will have made by then! Then you can set your sites on another one. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've missed blogging. When my husband had cancer and was going through treatments, I let the whole blogging thing slide. When I returned 9 months later, my domain had expired and someone stole my domain name! Sniff, sniff. So I started another one up and am transferring some of my posts over to the new one. I appreciate your friendship! Keep on trekking :)

Unknown said...

Now if you really want to do it, you can do it. There are some amazing online training schedules and if you stick with them, you will be amazed. My friend and I are non-runners and we did it. I will warn you that if you already have weak knees, you will have problems. And if you aren't sure...try the half marathon first. You for sure can do that. A June deadline gives you the perfect amount of time to do it. Keep us posted if you decide to do it so we can monitor your progress.
Another thing that helps is to join Team in Training....a group of people raising money for Leukemia research. They run you raise money...and train you. It's a miracle that I was able to participate with and I'm so glad I did.

LL said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!
I have a really good friend. She's 44 and just started running a couple years ago. She does marathons all the time now, seriously...she loves it!
I SO admire runners!

heather said...

i'd love to be able to say: i did it. i ran a half marathon.
its something i'd like to prove to myself.

as for can it be done?? for sure! even at 40+. Biggest Loser contestants do it all the time.

good luck!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Since you have someone that sounds like you can trust getting you on a training schedule, I know you can do it! I believe that running is about 85% mental anyway - so go for it!

alpinekleins said...

Goooo Suzette! You can do it, you can do it - YES you can!
I keep thinkin' I'm going to do something like that myself one of these first years :)

Doran & Jody said...

Woot! I would say start training NOW!! I don't think I would have run a marathon that quick but who knows, you may do just fine. If you have concerns do a half this next year and then a full the year after that. But either way don't wait until it gets warmer to start training. I have a good schedule that you can use to train for a half and when you finish this schedule just keep going.

Let me know cuz you will have to sign up soon. They sell out quick. The Top of Utah Marathon is a nice run too.

Heatherlyn said...

I've learned that a lot of marathon running is also run-walking. So there is no pressure to run the entire way. That might make you feel better. Also, a lady I know who just turned 50 started running marathons about 4 years ago. She wasn't a runner either, but found that she enjoyed it if she had a good book on her mp3 player or good company. She is in the best shape now of her life. I know you can do it!

Have a blessed day! said...

You can do this! I have friends who just took up running this year and ran the KC half. Some were in their 20's, but most were in their upper 40's.

Having run several half marathons and a full, I would encourage you to start with a half. The mental challenges that can come up with a half are tough. The ones that come up during the race with the full are even more difficult.
Whatever you do, have a plan. Mine consisted of praying for people at different mile markers. My last piece of advise, sign up early. This way you have committed and have a goal date. And remember as the date approaches and you get anxious...TRUST YOUR TRAINING!

Woohoo! I am so ready to cheer you on! Love ya girlie!

Lara Neves said...

You go for it! You will do great, even if your body isn't so sure yet. :)

Jenny Lynn said...

Running a 5k is on my bucket list. I am really out of shape, 50lbs over weight, but this might be a really scary but fun challenge for me. I am checking it out.

Jillian said...

My friend's husband actually was one of the people who started/organized the first UV Marathon a couple years ago and is very involved in it. From what they say about it, I would say to do it. If you do maybe I'll volunteer so I can give you food and water along the way :)