Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Case of the Grumpies-But Not for Long

I'm generally not a grumpy person, but for some reason I'm feeling it big time!  I shared these thoughts with a friend of mine and she said she's been feeling it too.  Is it in the air?  It started with Thanksgiving.  I didn't post anything about it because I'll be honest, it was a horrible day.  I'm not going to expound on it other than someone was in a bad mood and their feelings came out upon the whole family.  It basically ruined the whole day.  That person has since tried to make up for it but seriously, couldn't they have picked a different day to lose a temper??  I am trying to get cheerful for the holidays but it's been pretty hard.  I want so much for our family to just be together and do things together but it's a rare thing.  Everyone is off in a million different directions and I'm lucky to get to see them for a good night hug and prayer.  I attended two different events this week that helped lift my sagging spirits.
The first one was "A Christmas Carol" at the Hale Center Theater.  I was relating to old Mr. Scrooge so well.  As he is seeing what his choices have caused and the life he may end up having he realizes he needs to change, and fast! Because I have been feeling so emotional that last couple weeks of course I cried everytime a song was sung.  Music just gets to me!  I loved watching the transformation that old Ebenezer Scrooge was experiencing and the new spirit he felt.  It made my spirit swell and want to be happy too.  Thank you Annaleesa, my good kind friend, for inviting me along and helping my holidays get off to a nice start.  As a side note, during the intermission I was looking around the small venue and seated just to the right of us was Sherri Dew!  That was pretty cool in my book.

The second event I attended was "The Forgotten Carols".  I have loved this music for over 20 years and even saw the play around that time but didn't really grasp the whole concept of the story line.  I'm a bit slow sometimes.  It wasn't until I got the book and piano music for Christmas a number of years ago and read it that I fully understood it.  Well, it was in town last week and I missed it.  I could have tried a little harder to go but I didn't.  On Sunday I was sitting in church waiting for Relief Society to start and just glanced at my phone.  Nobody usually texts me during church so I don't know why I checked it.  But, there was a text from a sweet family that knew and loved my Porter.  The mother, Karla, told me they had an extra ticket and wanted me to attend with their family.  They have a tradition of going each year to the one held in Salt Lake at Cottonwood High School.  It is a bit more cozy of an atmosphere versus the big sports arena here at UVU.  Of course I wanted to go!!  I hadn't missed it after all.  I rode up to Salt Lake with their cute family listening to the giggles and happy conversations going on.  Now the special part about this whole event was that I felt Porter's presence so much.  Every song that was sung brought tears of longing for him yet also tears of joy for him being at peace and rest.  If you are familiar with Micheal McClains presentation you understand how much emotion and feeling goes into this show.  The ending is a very tender part.  He has the audience link arms and talks about remembering someone who isn't here tonight that you may be missing.  I lost it!  Then he sings "We can be together forever someday" over and over to a very sweet, simple melody.  Then he has the whole audience singing along as well.  My emotions were too overwhelmed and I couldn't sing, only listen and enjoy the sound of everyone else.  Porter was there with me!!  He knows how much I love♥ him and miss him and he knows I long for the day we are together forever!!  A special thank you to my friends, The Weisenbergers, for all their love and kindness through these last 9 months.  We love and appreciate you!    


LL said...
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LL said...

Reading this caused a giant lump in my thoat. I'm so sorry you're hurting, yet I LOVE to hear that you are feeling Porter there with you and that you have so many people who love you and support you.
I would imagine this season will bring additional heartache along with blessings. I just hope the blessings help soften the hurt.
Sending love!!!

Unknown said...

I have felt the same way about Christmas this year. I have a negative vibe about me that I just can't shake. I'm trying so hard to be grateful.
You're example helps quite a bit.
I would LOVE to see the Forgotten Carols sometime.

Cynthia said...

I think about your family often. I am so glad you had these precious experiences. I've been grumpy too this year which is SO not me. I don't really have a good reason- just not 'feeling' it. Maybe I need to get myself to one of those performances so I can feel the Joy of the Season too.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you got to see the very two events my husband and I would love to see!! So beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving day. That does stink. It's too bad we can't pick and choose the times our loved ones decide to lose it. I've been reading some very uplifting books to keep me focused. I love the book by Glenn Beck, the Christmas Sweater, The Christmas Carol (Scrooge). And I'm reading Elder Busche's book "Yearning For The Living God". Excellent books to keep focused. My other fave movie this time of year is It's A Wonderful Life. So inspiring. I'm so glad you got to go with the Weisenberger's and that they were inspired to invite you along, so you could feel Parker's presence and feel uplifted and loved. God bless.

Jenny Lynn said...

It really does not feel like Christmas until I see a Christmas Carol.

I am so glad you found me and that I have a chance to catch up with you.