Monday, February 18, 2013

Moab Red Hot 55K/33K Sweeping Assignment

I had a blast this weekend and had the awesome opportunity to sweep the Red Hot 33K portion of the trail.  I will give a full write up about my adventure when my other computer that I load all of my pictures in gets fixed. It's having issues now and so for now enjoy this one photo from my phone that shows a little of the back country I got to enjoy.  Check out the bright orange vest I got to rock out in!  Also my nice full bag of flagging tape I was carrying.  Good times for sure!


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Excited to hear all about it!

Stacey Runs and Eats said...

So cool! I had a bunch of friends out there running. I just may have to make the trip next time. It seems SO beautiful out there. Can't wait to hear about it!