Thursday, November 29, 2012

Festival of Trees

A very favorite tradition of mine is to attend the Festival of Trees each year. Mark must like this tradition as well because he took the day off just to be able to go with me and Kali and the grand kids.

We got there early and stood in line to see Santa.  We talked to Miles to try and get him excited about sitting on his knee and we thought he may even do it this year.  He was standing in line playing with some other little kids who were waiting as well.  I looked down just in time to see Miles laughing and trying to tickle a little boy who then quickly popped Miles in the face.  It was our turn next to see Santa but Miles was crying hysterically and for sure now wanted nothing to do with Santa.  Thanks little boy in line behind us for ruining any slight hope we had of a Miles sitting on Santa's knee.  Such is life, we will try again next year.  Someday, Miles will like Santa.
We got little Harper to sit on Santa's knee.
This is as close as Miles would get to Santa without a melt down so we got a photo quickly.  The little boy on Santa's knee is the one who popped Miles in the mouth.  What a little stinker boy.
Loved this display dedicated to two missionaries who died on their mission in an accident.  You know those boys have their spot in heaven made.
Miles absolutely loves trains and when we came upon this one he was so delighted and content to watch that thing going around and around the tree.
Miles has mastered the art of saying cheese by saying it sideways out of the corner of his mouth and usually scrunches up his face.  What a character.
We decided to let Miles be free and not confined to a stroller this year.  Yes, we all took turns holding his hand and giving him rides on our shoulders.  He loved seeing everything and was very entertained by much.
One of the neat things inside Festival of Trees is the craft boutique.  I like to browse around in there.  We found some really cute baby headbands and decided to do a little fashion show with baby Harper as our beautiful model.

She finally decided enough was enough and she didn't want to play model anymore.  That's o.k. baby Harper I wouldn't want my head squeezed either with a big satellite dish popping out of my head.  It was fun while it lasted.


LL said...

BEAUTIFUL little Harper, and Miles is as adorable as always. You must love having them so close.
Did you know the two missionaries? I love the display but I don't remember hearing anything about the two. Were they companions?
I really miss the festival of trees, such an amazing sight.
Merry Christmas to you!

susette said...

LL Yes I love having them so close. They are literally just down the street and I get to see them so often.

I didn't know the 2 missionaries, only heard about it. They were serving in Texas when a drunk driver hit and killed them. It was in November of 2011. One of them was from Utah and the other from Idaho. I had to google it to learn a little more information about it myself.

Merry Christmas to you as well. Your family is so darling!

Jerilee E. said...

Your family is beautiful! Your daughter looks so much like you- you both have the same smile :).
I love the Festival of Trees. We didn't make it this year.