Friday, September 21, 2012

Marathon Training Plan-Week 16 of 16

IT'S HERE! The final week of marathon training.  Back a few months ago when I so apprehensively pushed that submit button to sign up for this, my first marathon, it seemed so far down the road.  And back then it was, but wow!, the time has come and now here I sit only one day away.
I'm very excited but I still don't feel nervous yet.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.  My restless running dreams that I have been having have turned from me encountering wild animals on the trails coming after me, to now me being the one chasing them away.  Only a couple days ago I awoke to shooing away an elephant and a lion, and they obeyed!  Maybe that means I am ready to conquer this thing. 

Week #16

Monday September 17th-Ran 3 Miles 
This was a very uneventful run.  I just headed out in the neighborhood after a little bit of sleeping in and got it done.  I ran slow and just enjoyed my music and being outside.
Tuesday September 18th-Rest Day Walked 4.75 Miles
with Laurie.
Wednesday September 19th-Ran 3 Miles
just like the schedule told me to.  I can be obedient when I want to. Today was my last day of running until the marathon and It just feels so weird to be feeling like I'm hardly doing any exercise this week.

Thursday September 20th-Biked at the gym 12.50 Miles in 1 hour. (yes I strayed a little from the schedule-oops)
I have a problem with reading my newspapers.  They get brought in to the house, opened up,and then set in a pile.  Today I decided it was time to tackle getting them read and so I headed to the gym to read and bike.  I put a nice big dent in the pile, and made a nice lovely mess on the gym floor, and still didn't get them all read.  I brought the rest home and put them back in the pile.  I only have about a weeks worth left here to catch up on.

Friday September 21st-Rest Day Walked 3.50 Miles
with Laurie.

Saturday September 22nd-Big Cottonwood Marathon
My First Marathon-Stay Tuned! 

Sunday September 23rd-You can better believe I will be resting this day! 

Total Miles Run:  32.25 (after the marathon of course)
Total Miles Walked:  8.25
Total Miles Biked:  12.50

Whatever will I do without a training schedule now?  I am one that needs schedules.  I better come up with another plan pronto!


Christy said...

Good luck!! You seem so prepared both mentally and physically, and I'm excited to read all about it. One of the hardest parts after the race is definitely post race depression. Haha.

Good luck!!!