Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fourth of July Parade-Provo

Someday I'm going to do a blog book.  My friend Annaleesa had one made and it's the absolute COOLEST thing I've seen, so I need to get my photos and experiences put in here pronto!

This was Miles first real Fourth of July Parade and to be honest I had more fun watching him watch the parade than watching the parade myself.
We started the morning pretty early, getting up to go watch the hot-air balloons inflate but got down there and the weather wasn't cooperating so it didn't happen. So we hustled over to the parade route to watch the runners go by. That is always my most favorite part of the Freedom Days experience. I should probably just sign up and run with them next year, but then I wouldn't get to stand on the sidelines cheering and hollering like a crazy woman telling them all what a good job they are doing. I've been on the running side and I know how fun it is to have people cheer you on. It really gives you a little extra boost to keep going.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and napping. Kali had to work and so Wade and Miles went with me and Mark to the fireworks display later that night that Pleasant Grove puts on each year. I love the fact that you get to be on the lawn at the Jr. High school so close to where they let them off. Miles was very scared of them and hid under a blanket the whole time. It made us all laugh. The scary part for me is when shrapnel started landing all around us. We had nice big chunks of cardboard hit us in the head and face. Maybe we were just a little too close?