Friday, September 23, 2011

Annaleesa's Birthday

Meet one of my very good friends Annaleesa.  I met this spunky little lady a number of years ago when her family moved into our ward.  She taught primary and then was later called into the young women's presidency I was serving in.  One of my early memories was her teaching a relief society class on cooking.  I don't even remember what she was demonstrating but I just remember feeling some sort of connection and being fascinated with her quiet and gentle demeanor.  So, when she was called to serve in the young women's program we started getting to know each other and finding out things we had in common. Some of the things we enjoy doing together are playing racquetball, going to plays, hiking, seeing movies, and running, when her knees cooperate.  Well, Annaleesa had a birthday a couple weeks ago and I took her out to dinner and then up to the Hale Center Theater in West Valley to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Dinner kind of bombed out because we waited over an hour to get in to Tucano's, when they told us the wait was only an hour, only then to find out there were still three more parties ahead of us.  We just didn't have time to wait and still get up to see the play in time.  So we headed a few doors over to Bajio and had dinner there.  It wasn't as tasty as Tucano's would have been but at this point I was so hungry I didn't care.  We enjoyed our food and chatted and then went to our 10:00 pm showing of Joseph.  What a dynamite presentation!! The show was so full of energy, music, and dance. 
We took these photos while we were wandering around the Riverwoods Shopping area waiting for our reservation at Tucano's.  (which never happened)

I've never been on a real live surfboard before in the ocean.  Have any of you?

Happy Birthday Annaleesa!  Some day we will get back to Tucano's for some of their delicious goodness.


Doran & Jody said...

Happy Birthday Annaleesa!!

alpinekleins said...

Lucky you - we tried to get to Joseph at the Hale . . . I bet it was wonderful! Nothing like an evening out with a good friend :D


Jenny Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to Annaleesa! I grew up in Southern California. I have tried a few times, only did not enjoy it as much as a boogie board. My son loves to surf. My dad was a surfer, and loved to body surf.

Glad you got out for some yummy food.