Sunday, July 17, 2011

Postum Pals

Porter and Brian

I love this photo
I love the boys' smiles
I love that Porter has no clue how much sugar is going into his glass while smiling for the camera
I love all the tomatoes on the counter
I don't love all the dishes in the sink
I don't love that Postum can't be purchased anymore
(unless you want to spend 125.00 on Amazon)


LL said...

I've never even heard of Postum, but I agree with you...loving the boys smiles.
Great picture!

Mitch and Cortney said...

Love it! Every time I hear Postum it makes me think of my Grandma Shelley.. she likes to drink that. I didn't know that you couldn't buy postum anymore! I swear I saw some at the store a couple of months ago!!

Jenny Lynn said...

I don't get why Postum has disappeared.