Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter 2011

I know today is Mother's Day and I'll probably post about that a couple weeks late. That's okay because that's how I'm rolling lately.   I did find it extremely interesting that not a single word was said about Easter at church.  It was a mission farewell and the two youth speakers were adult speakers and I honestly forgot what they talked about. (oops) The choir did sing an Easter number so that was nice. The Sunday School lesson I taught the 13-14 year olds was on Wilford Woodruff and then in Relief Society the lesson was on honesty.  
So during our dinner at home I had one of the boys read a few scriptures about the Savior and the Resurrection.  
After church we came home and started working on the Easter feast.  I was so grateful to Cooper, Brittany, and Jordan for jumping right in and helping me.  I thought the actual food prep time was more fun than the eating time.  It's so fun to watch adult children interact together while working in the kitchen.  Cooper was not wanting his picture taken with an apron on here so that's why he is scolding me out.  Funny Cooper!

Cooper and Brittany

I bought so much candy this year because I wanted all the big kids to Easter egg hunt along with little Miles.  I'm so glad the big kids were willing to fill the eggs then I could continue cooking.

Ok, this is a funny story about Jordan.  I had him set the table and somewhere along the road of life I have missed teaching him table-setting etiquette.  He didn't think it mattered where the silverware goes or the glasses or which way the knife pointed.  I had a little teaching moment with him but he wanted nothing to do with it.  He raised his hands in the air and said "I'm done. I can't do this."  He just didn't think anybody should or would care where their silverware was.  I tried to compare it to the way he installs car audio and where all the wires and parts go but then he thought I was really being a nut. 
Little Miles was more interested in eating the candy than finding it.
Look really close at the hand around Wade's neck.  It looks like Miles has grown a really large hand :)
Even big kids still know how to Easter egg hunt.  They admitted it was a little too easy though.  Mark and I hid the eggs and really must try harder next year then to make it a little more difficult.


LL said...

I love Easter.
Looks like a great day at your house!!!

Jen said...

Beautiful family! Loved the table etiquette lesson with Cooper! Haha. I had one with my daughter the other day. I told her an easy way to remember where the utensils go is that the word "left" has 4 letters in it, and so does fork, so the fork goes on the left. The word "right" has 5 letters in it and so does knife and spoon, so they go on the right. That seemed to click with her. Interesting that nothing was said in Church on Easter. Wow! That's really surprising! We had a special Easter lesson in our Primary class. Hope your Mother's Day was fantabulous!

tiki_lady said...

love it! we had a complete Easter lesson and day on Sunday. It seems strange to me that you didn't. Miles is so handsome!
I couldn't leave a comment on your etiquette but, I really like the easy trick that Jen has given!

Lara Neves said...

I love that the big kids got to egg hunt, too! That's awesome.

And I'm laughing hard over the table setting. Boys. They just don't get it sometimes. :)