Monday, July 12, 2010

Porter in Sarah's Coat

I don't know a lot about this picture, but it makes me smile a lot. It shows his silliness to put on a girls coat and then let his photo be taken. I think it was at a Secondhand Serenade concert when they were here last at Thanksgiving Gardens.  Porter's friend, Sarah, sent it to us.  She went to concerts with Porter and he had a great time taking her and a friend of hers.  Sarah's mom, Karla, trusted Porter more than anyone to be with her daughter at concerts.   Porter wore contacts the majority of the time but occasionally would wear his glasses. I love that I have a picture with him wearing them.  He was wearing them when he fell off that cliff.  We still have his glasses so miraculously found and saved, by his daddy, at the bottom of the cliff still in tact and setting in the living room by his pastel picture.
I love you Porter♥


the weisenburger life said...

I actually saw him in this coat and it was even funnier in person! We miss Porter so much. This Saturday is Secondhand Serenade again at TGP. We will think of him a lot. She doesn't want to go with any one. Her sister and I are taking her... that shows her desparation that she would take her Mom! I have had to promise not to sing the songs out loud though! LOL

Beth at Aunties said...

I can see why you would love this picture! You can see his silliness and fun personality shine through.
What an awesome son to be so trustworthy for them to allow their daughter to go in his care.
I think about you often friend although we have not met...usually in the car while out running errands.
The hospice nurse left this afternoon after we had a good cry. She is not of our faith. Yet through her work she believes what we do about death and the life here after. She bore testimony to me of the many experiences she has had with those who have died and then were able to come back. She has come to KNOW the veil is SO So thin and of the all encompassing LOVE those who passed had felt on the other side. Just thought I would share:)~♥

Jenny said...

LOL... how funny!

tiki_lady said...

too funny love it

Heatherlyn said...

His personality really shines through! He looked good in glasses, too!

Unknown said...

I love a good looking boy in glasses. How wonderful to have this picture.

Reading your posts makes me want to hold my babies a little closer and remember every moment.

I love you!

LyndiLou said...

This makes me smile too! :) How nice of your friends to share pictures of Porter with you! :)