Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your Spirit Rides on Mountain Peaks

Our most precious Porter 
Your spirit rides on mountain peaks
Their heights forever conquered
Your music carries over stone and brook
Like rushing waters
Gentle caressing breezes forever carry your memory
You are home
This was a gift from Porter's best friends mom, Laurie.  As she was drifting off to sleep one night she heard a voice whispering these words in her ears.  She quickly wrote the words down and then felt a desire to have this plaque made for our family.  We have been so moved by this beautiful poem that we used part of it on Porter's headstone, which by the way is completed, and I will post pictures soon.


Unknown said...

That is beautiful. An inspired piece.

Brenda said...

Wow, that is beautiful, thanks for sharing. A treasure.

tammy said...

This is gorgeous. What a thoughtful gift.

Stacey said...

That is absolutely beautiful! I love it!

LL said...

Wow. I love that!!!

Heatherlyn said...

That is so beautiful!!!

LyndiLou said...

Oh. That's beautiful and just grabs at my heart. I still ache for you... but I'm glad to know that you have such a great support system... I need to step up and be a better friend to you. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. You make me a better person.