Saturday, August 31, 2013

Top of Utah Half Marathon 2013

Top of Utah Half Marathon
Race #27 of 2013

Since starting this running journey almost 3 years ago I have run quite a few races.  This would be my third opportunity coming up to Logan to participate in this specific event.  I was struggling in my heart and mind as to how I would run this race.  My daughter has been working and training hard to get ready for her first "real" half marathon.  We don't count the first one she did when she was pregnant and walked the whole thing.  She was anxious and excited to see how this would go.  I was torn between trying for a faster time than the two previous years, and staying with her for moral support.

We got to the bus pickup fairly early and boarded the third bus.  I like to sit in the front seat if possible and watch the course as we travel.  Kali didn't like seeing how far she had to run.  We got to the top and hopped off the bus and immediately started seeing people we knew.  It's one of my favorite parts of the race to visit friends I've made through running.  My mom's the biggest socializer in the world and claims she only goes to the gym to visit all the friends she's made there.  I definitely am starting to sound like my mom. 
Adrian Toledo is a bigger socializer than me.  He knows everyone and talks to everyone.  Such a fun person!
After waiting for about an hour and a half for the race to start and making final pit stops we headed up to the starting line area and the race promptly began.  Kali was hanging with me for the first little bit but kept telling me it's alright if I go on.  So I did.  I would look back and she would be so close still so I hoped she would just hang in there.  Eventually I looked back and she wasn't there anymore.  

Now this is where the race gets a little interesting to me.  My last weekend's race at the Porter's Half Marathon was a challenge.  My heart and energy was not into the run.  Something was missing.  That running spark just seemed to be fizzled out.  Well, I noticed the same thing was happening today too.  Usually as I run, I am happy and loving my surroundings.  Around mile three is when I really start feeling loose and good and my muscles finally are warmed up.  There's usually an exhilaration I feel as I run that just keeps me moving forward.  Well, it just didn't happen last week and it wasn't happening today either.  I started questioning my abilities and motives.  I felt like Forrest Gump when he had run so far and then all of sudden stopped and said he wanted to go home.  I was also feeling bad for leaving Kali and so when I came out of the canyon and saw her hubby and the kids there I decided to stop and visit my cute grand kids and to wait for Kali.  Grandchildren were exactly what I needed at that moment and I was so happy to see them.
Wade has a phone finder app and knew exactly how far back Kali was.  I was totally fine hanging out there and watching for her to arrive.  She was less than 3/4 of a mile back.  She was surprised to see me and I told her I wanted to finish the race with her.
After a few hugs, kisses, and photos we were off to finish the race.  Kali had some hopes and expectations of herself but was struggling with a lot of soreness in her hips and we ended up doing a lot of walking and running for the next 7 miles.  I would try to encourage her to just keep running and she would try to sabotage my good eating lately with Aggie ice cream after the race.  She tried to make a deal with me that if she ran a mile without stopping then I had to eat ice cream.  Yep, that deal didn't pan out.  I'm still eating healthy.
As we were getting closer to finishing this race there were so many times she just wanted to quit and have Wade pick her up.  I knew she could finish this race, especially after walking 13 miles pregnant last year.  We finally got to the home stretch where it felt like this race was never going to be over.  I admire those people who can run a half marathon in an hour and a half.  Even any thing with a 1 in their time, but you gotta give credit to those who are out there for nearly 3 hours hobbling along in pain and just pushing their body to get to that finish line.  Kali pushed and persevered and I was very proud of her for not giving up.  She says she is done with half marathons.  I wonder though if she'll try again.  It kind of gets in your system.
Mark held little Harper high in the air and that's why we have such big smiles on our faces.  She was a cute face to see as we crossed the finish line.
I've now run Top of Utah three times and think I will call this good and done.  So although I didn't improve upon my time this year I did have the sweet opportunity of being with Kali as she crossed that finish line.

There is a race a lot closer to home called Run Elevated that is down Little Cottonwood Canyon that just had its inaugural race on the same day as Top of Utah.  I love me some canyon races and so will probably run that next year, if I can get me some happy running feelings to return!!
A very well, hard-earned medal.
Final time of 2:49:40


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Congrats to both of you on a job well done. It's such a blessing to get to run races with our children. You two look exactly alike! I love Logan, it looked like a beautiful day there. Great job!

LL said...

So awesome!!! You two could be sisters, beautiful!
CONGRATS to both of you.