Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Weekend of A Fortunate/Unfortunate Running Adventure

When my kids were little I remember a school assignment they came home with about a story/poem they had to write using fortunately and unfortunately.  I thought that would be a fun way to do a blog post for this weekend's running, since it was quite unique for me, and especially since there were some fortunate and unfortunate things to deal with.

Fortunately-Life is full of happy times and happiness to me means.........looking forward to running a midnight half marathon with your buddies!!
Unfortunately- I had major dental work done the morning of the race and then started getting really weak and worn down as the day went on.  I started coughing and feeling just plain yucky.  I was resigned to bed and resting, and had to miss this half marathon.

Fortunately-I took a lot of medicine and got a good night's rest.  I woke up feeling slightly better and had a major yearning to get out on the road and RUN! 
Unfortunately-Due to needing extra rest and the medicine still working in me, I didn't get out there started on my run until about 11:30 am when it was 84 degrees already outside.

Fortunately-My husband, being the good guy that he is, drove me 16 miles away up the canyon to the beautiful Aspen Grove area where it should be cooler, and I would try to get all the way home without help, depending on my health and energy level.
Unfortunately-It only turned out to be a little cooler at a whomping 78 degrees!

Fortunately-The scenery was beautiful and I was as happy as a lark cruising down the canyon road.
Unfortunately-The road was VERY narrow and I had to be super aware and cautious of traffic at every step and turn.

Fortunately-There were many bikers using this same road and in the same lane as me and so I think the traffic was very aware of us people out there using the road too.
Unfortunately-This awesome section of running only lasted 5 miles and then I exited onto canyon road where there was no shade and a major 4 lane highway with cars whizzing fast at 60 MPH.

Fortunately-This lasted exactly 1 mile where I would get to start down a paved trail specifically made for bikers and runners.  No cars allowed here
Unfortunately-I was starting to feel really fatigued and hot and once again had forgotten my sunscreen!! When will I ever learn this lesson??

Fortunately-There was a huge parking lot filled with people slathering on sunscreen as they were getting ready to float down the Provo River on inner tubes.  I ran right by them a little embarrassed to ask for sunscreen but knew I needed it badly.  I turned around and ran back there and sheepishly asked for some to get me through my long run still ahead.  They were super happy to share.  I slathered it all over my legs and arms and face and was forever grateful!
Unfortunately-The sunscreen didn't help with my fatigue and heat problem.

Fortunately-There was a bathroom not too far ahead at Vivian Park with running water to splash on my arms, face, and neck.
Unfortunately-This may have washed off some of my sunscreen.

Fortunately-I felt revived and rested and I would now get to run on a very shaded portion of the trail for the next few miles.
Unfortunately-Along the way some punk teenagers were throwing rocks at, cursing at, and harassing a fisherman.  I'm not sure what was going on there but it made me a little bit scared they would come after me next.

Fortunately-The adrenalin kicked in a little bit and I ran a little faster to get away from them quickly.
Unfortunately-The extra spurge of energy made me more tired.

Fortunately-I came to an area near the Bridal Veil Falls where there were masses of people out and about enjoying a nice Saturday outing, taking photos, feeding the fish and looking at the falls.
Unfortunately-This section isn't long enough.  I continued on my way wondering how much energy I had left in me and hoping my water in my Camelbak would last me to the next water stop.

Fortunately-I came to Nunn's Park next and drank, drank, drank and soaked my head, legs, arms, neck and all down my shirt.  This felt so refreshing.
Unfortunately-Because it's so hot and probably about 90 degrees or more by now I dry quickly and the cool refreshing water doesn't last very long in keeping me cool.

Fortunately-The next stop a few miles away has a place by the river that is easy to get down to.  I climb down the hill and refresh myself with the water straight from the river.  This was a much needed cooling off time.  I was very tempted to just jump right in.
Unfortunately-I'm only at about mile 11 and still have 5 more miles to go to reach my goal of 16 miles

Fortunately-I had enough water to last me to the next stop just after Timpanogos Park, where there is a super cold water fountain for the people on the trail.  I refilled my Camelbak and watered my whole body down again.  Amazing what cold water will do for a hot run.
Unfortunately-I didn't have somebody running along side me to spray me off every minute and then it would have been a perfect run down the canyon.

Fortunately-I came to the mouth of the canyon where my adventure on the trail would be over and there was the parking lot and a Chevron/Subway where I went inside to cool off and take a potty stop. 
Unfortunately-The next 4 miles were going to be HOT and BRUTAL.  There would be absolutely zero shade on the road towards home.  I was out of the canyon and now heading into the city. 

Fortunately-I had fueled my run well with lots and lots of water, shot bloks, and peanut butter pretzels.  I was feeling good with plenty of energy
Unfortunately-I just couldn't take the heat anymore.

Fortunately-I passed a golf course which had their sprinklers going in the middle of the hot day and I happily got in front of one of them and followed it back and forth a couple times.  I was now pretty drenched and cooled off again.
Unfortunately-I dried off and heated up too quickly.  I was just not feeling ready to keep tackling the heat for another 3+ miles.

Fortunately-I had exceeded my goal of a half marathon but hadn't reached 16 miles yet but was feeling accomplished enough for the day, and so called my hubby for a ride home.
Unfortunately-He didn't pick me for a little while longer and I got to 14.3 miles before he found me.

Fortunately-I have a supporting hubby that lets me do these crazy things and will be there for me when I fizzle out. 
Unfortunately-I have absolutely no pictures of this crazy adventure because I didn't bring my camera. My cell phone, which I had with me is from pre-historic days. It just doesn't take good photos.  It's definitely time for an upgrade.

Fortunately-This adventure has me leaning towards doing that.  My kids seriously keep nagging me to do it!
Unfortunately-I'm just cheap and don't want to spend the extra money.

And now to end this adventure on a happy note I will provide you with one more fortunate event:
Fortunately-I came into the nice, cool, air-conditioned house and enjoyed a big bowl of strawberries, greek yogurt and honey while relaxing.


LL said...

You amaze me!!!!

Kathee said...

Good job! It reminds me of a long run I did in Rock Springs last year. I finally just stopped because I couldn't drink enough water or cool off's crazy!

Renee said...

I love this post! Fortunately I read your wonderful adventure! Unfortunately I melted in the heat today also! ;)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I love this post! So fun!

I detest running in the heat. It is so hard on me! Sounds like it was quite the adventure. Hearing about your running route made me think about all the good times I've had there. I really need to visit Utah.

Cory Reese said...

Fortunately you, my friend, are amazing. I'm with you, heat is my nemesis. There is nothing that makes a run more challenging and miserable.

Good job on getting through the tough miles.