Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July Race and a Little Bit of This and That for a Holiday

Race #21 of 2013
Time to admit that I've been in a running funk lately.  I guess after three weekends of big events I was just tired.  My Corner Canyon 50K, Ragnar, and then Top of Zion Relay(which I still need to blog about-especially since our team took first place!!) just about did me in.  All I wanted to do was just lay in my bed and sleep.  Getting up early in the morning for a run was not even something I wanted to do for about 5 days.  Thank goodness I have races on the agenda already signed up for or I would probably still be laying in my bed being lazy.

Thursday morning I got up early and took myself to the Provo Freedom Festival 10K.  Our family decided we were just tired of fighting the crowds to watch the parade so everyone opted out of that activity.  It didn't hurt my feelings at all.  Trying to stake out a spot and spend the night is really too much work for not enough enjoyment.  So I went and ran the 10K which goes right down the parade route anyway.  I got to see all the crowds without actually having to be in the crowd.

I ran the race, walked back to my car and came home.  Everyone was happy they didn't have to go. I hung out with Pebbles on the front porch in the swing and relaxed after my race. 
I ran a decent race with not any expectations.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel being so tired and worn out.  When I crossed the finish line I was completely surprised to have beaten last year's time by 3 1/2 minutes.  That made me happy.   1:05:47. 
The rest of my 4th of July was complete randomness.  

The weeds in my garden were bigger than the plants. (seriously)  So I had to get out there and do some major work.   Too bad I didn't take a before picture.  You can just trust me that it was an ugly sight.  I've been enjoying some yellow squash and zucchini so far.  I can't wait for the tomatoes, love them.
My hubby has been involved re-doing a patio covering over our back porch this Summer and it is finally coming to a close.  The steps leading up to the porch were dropping and so he and my dad re-poured a new slab of steps.
 This is all that remains of the steps that were once there. Mark spent a whole day alone jack hammering them out of there.
After Mark framed them all out my cute daddy came and helped pour since he knows his stuff about concrete.
My daddy also knows his stuff about restoring old vehicles.  This is one of the many he has done.  He drives it all over town and gets lots of attention in it.
 Mark taking a much needed rest and lunch break.
Cooper just finished up a little run on the treadmill.  Shhh......don't tell him but I get very excited when my kids start wanting to participate in running.  Every time I get excited for him he tells me to stop it.  So I can't say anything to him anymore.
 Instead of having a 4th of July BBQ we decided to just have tin foil dinners.  Pretty easy and so delicious.
Mark was feeling extra ambitious this day and decided to give both cars a washing.  What a guy!  Nothing like driving a nice clean car.
Then he was too worn out to take me to the fireworks so my cute son Cooper took me in his big truck.  The PG fireworks are awesome.  One of my favorite 4th of July traditions.
Jordan worked all day and came home and relaxed.  Kali and her cute family went on a vacation with her husband's side of the family, so it was a pretty quiet holiday for us around here.  I'm hoping to NOT fall back into a running funk anytime soon.  Too many races on the schedule for that to happen.  Keep on keeping on!


wendy said...

A Freedom Run...that would be cool. I got a new grandbaby on the 4th. Until they named him, we kept calling him Captain America. so fun and I can't wait till I come to Utah so I can hold him.
You guys have certainly been busy around your place. But finished projects are always rewarding I think.
Hey...were those twin cars??
And your dads, very cool

Run Mom Run said...

First of all - you look incredible in that picture of you in the race shirt with the medal. So super skinny!

The weeds in my garden are way bigger than my plants right now too. It's bad news bears. Even worse because my garden is in my front yard. Eek!

Moms are so embarrassing. My Mom still embarrasses me when she visits my ward and tells everyone how amazing she thinks I am. (I mean, she's totally right, it's just embarrassing for my Mom to have to tell everyone. They should just KNOW.)

Michael said...

After 3 major races in June, and the total # of races overall this year, I think you could stay in bed for a month and never leave and still not consider yourself "lazy"!

Congrats on the fast race! That's awesome you improved so much time from last year.

Becka said...

I'd be exhausted after all that racing too!

Congrats on beating your time from last year, you seem to be adding a bit of speed with every race. Nicely done!

Renee said...

Way to go on your PR! We all go through running funks. It will pass (hopefully soon! :)