Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Stranger's Question

I was minding my own business while standing in line at the grocery store and the man behind me asked me a question.  It totally floored me!!

Well, before I share what he asked me I'll back up a little bit.  Ok....I'll back up A LOT.  I graduated from high school in 1984 and immediately went to work for 7-11.  I worked for them for many years.  They had great insurance and when I got married and started having babies it was a nice benefit to have my doctor and hospital bills paid for 80% and I so I stayed on with the company for 10 years until I had all four of my children.  So around 1994 I quit that job and opened up my own little copy and laminating store specializing in FHE packets and scrapbook supplies.  I had enough of being away from my family and working swing shifts at 7-11 and so this new little business was a perfect fit for me. now fast forward to right now 2012, today, just a few moments ago when I was in line at the grocery store checking out, it's been 18 years ago that I quit my 7-11 job and the guy in line behind me asks, "Did you used to work at 7-11 about 20 years ago??"   I was almost speechless for a moment!!  I turned around and told him yes and then asked him how in the world did he remember that from so long ago.  He said he never forgets a face.  Isn't that so crazy??  Of course out of all the days I decide NOT to do my hair or make-up and make a quick dash to the store hoping to not see anyone I know then this happens.  Yep, that's my luck. 


wendy said...

YOU must have a memorable face. That's a long time for someone to still remember you, but how totally cool is that. !!!
(your probably were my customer service skills that day (tee,hee))

Heatherlyn said...

I think that means you don't look that different after 18 years, even without make up! Lucky!

Julia said...

haha! what a funny coincidence! i cant believe that guy has such a great memory! i would never remember! i do love 7-11 though:)

Jen said...

Isn't that how it always happens?!! I don't faces either, I just can't place how I know them. That man had a very good memory!