Saturday, May 5, 2012

Checking up on Porter's Memorial Rock

Saturday morning I headed out for a run and planned to meet Mark later at the trailhead in Dry Canyon.  We like to go check on Porter's rock at least 2 or 3 times a year in hopes that nobody will dig it up and toss it away.

I ran to the bank for a walk-up deposit in the drive-up.  That was sort of interesting with a huge truck pulling in behind me which caused me to be eye to eye with the grill of his front end. I finished my banking and then  headed to the East side of the city towards Dry Canyon.

A couple miles into my run I needed a pit stop and headed to my parents home which was on the way.  I visited my cute daddy who was out mowing the lawn and we had a great visit, talking about his medications and what's working and what's not.  We also talked about maybe going to Bryce Canyon this Summer.  I'm wanting to run the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon down there if I can find motel accommodations. So far it's been challenging finding something that would work for a big group of us.

After my visit with daddy I texted Mark to tell him I had a little side stop and that I wouldn't get to the trail head for another 15 minutes.  He said that would be fine with him and that it may take him even longer to get there so I opted for another route and headed a different way for a little trail running.  Eventually Mark showed up and we hiked up to Porter's sacred spot.  We had never clocked the distance from the parking lot to that cliff but since I had my Garmin on I did today.  It's exactly .45 to the base of the cliff.
When we got there we were a little confused at first because we couldn't see the rock out in plain sight anywhere.  There was greenery all over the place and so we did a little spreading of leaves to find his rock.
We were relieved again to find it untouched and now hidden from view.  HOPEFULLY it will stay untouched by the world and only be known by those who have hiked here that know Porter.  After taking some photos I sat down on a rock and admired the view and then started getting emotional.  I told Mark how much I hated this place because it took my Porter away from me, yet it seems like such a sacred and special place because every time I'm there I can't help but feel Porter and be reminded that Heavenly Father is in charge and He knows all and He needed my son at that time in his life and that his earthly journey was through here.  I also can't help but just feel a sense of peace for Porter.  

I originally was going to run home but decided to hop in the car and ride with Mark.  We finished the day with a delicious meal at Wallaby's and then attended the adult session of Stake Conference.  Such an uplifting experience. Cooper was asked to speak in the Sunday session and we are looking forward to hearing his talk about keeping temple covenants and how that makes us happy.  He will be sharing a little about Porter as well and about temples binding families for eternity.


Cynthia said...

I'm so glad the rock is still there and protected. I'm sorry that you guys have to be separated for a time but I'm also glad you'll all be together again someday! Still, that knowledge is cold comfort when the missing part has to be right now!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh yes, you want that rock to stay out of harm's way!!! So neat that you have it there to remember him by!

wendy said...

I think this is WONDERFUL....that you have this special, and YES sacred spot for Porter.
I would be extremely emotional too !!!
Such tears of loss...yet finding strength in the greater plan.

It would be a wonderful place to go visit and I am sure you feel Porter by you when you go there.
I love it

Unknown said...

I'm so glad the rock is still there...and protected. It's awesome that nature wanted to cover it up as well. I don't know how you do it. You have been such a pillar of faith and strength. You have grown and done so much since Porter passed away. I know he's proud of you.

Launi said...

I really love that Porter's rock is a bit hidden away from the world. That seems appropriate somehow. Cooper's talk was beautiful. Of course our whole family started to cry when he first stood up, so we were a complete mess by the end. Susette, we love you so much and we feel so blessed to know you and your family.

Jen said...

I guess I don't know the whole story behind the rock, but I'm glad that sacred place has been protected for you. And it's a good thing we can trust who's in charge. :)

Julia said...

Friend. this is a wonderful post. I have been a blogging slacker lately so I am not uptodate at all on my blog reading but after talking to you today i knew first thing i wanted to race back and read this post. im so glad you were able to visit Porter's rock and that it has been untouched. i can understand how tough it must be for you to visit there but the spot, especially with the greenery, does look completely sacred and I am sure it is filled with Porter's presence. Thank you for sharing his story with me today. And thanks again for the run! Looking forward to next weekend:)